Our party statement on the occasion of the Syriac New Year (Akitu Day)

The General Council of the PYD congratulated the Akitu Festival on the entire Assyrian people and the peoples of the region, and said: “We hope that this holiday, like all our occasions, will remain a way for the fraternity and co-existence to continue, and hope to overcome the health crisis together and achieve stability and peace.”
April 1, will mark the Assyrian New Year (Akitu), and on this occasion, the PYD General Council issued a written statement, congratulating the occasion.
Statement text:
“The world and the region in general are going through an exceptional circumstance as a result of the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid-19), as we have become in a stage where we need exceptional preventive efforts to protect our society and our region from this epidemic. It is an unprecedented historical event in which our historical events coincide with the components of Rojava – north and east of Syria. And coinciding with the days specified for thousands of years with the existence of this epidemic, which prompted us to suspend celebration as part of our necessary responsibility to ward off our people and our region from the health risks caused by it.
On the occasion of the 1st of April, the Assyrian New Year (Akitu), this ancient historical occasion, which represents the beginning of spring and the renewal of the life cycle as well, and represents a historical and cultural heritage for the Assyrian people, and for the general components and peoples of the region, as there is an overlap in customs, traditions and events.
Despite the difficulties that exist, and our inability to participate in this ancient occasion, as we had to follow the same procedure on the occasion of Newroz, we are aware of our responsibilities and duty.
Therefore, we congratulate, on behalf of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), to the entire Assyrian people, and to all the people of the region on the occasion of the Akitu Day, hoping for them all the best. The health crisis, stability and peace will be achieved in our region and the whole world, and the aspirations of our people will be achieved in getting their legitimate democratic rights in its various components.


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