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Saleh Derek: The collapse of the Syrian economy is part of the ongoing war in Syria

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) held a public meeting in the western district of Qamishlo, to talk and communicate with the people about the latest political developments in the region, and about the internal and external conditions and what is happening in Syria in general and the regions of northern and eastern Syria in particular.

The party council member in Saleh Derek, who started his talk about the Corona virus, spoke at the meeting. Derek said:

The Corona virus problem showed that countries that possess huge potential do not harness them to protect society. Despite these capabilities, Corona virus infections have exacerbated, and the number of deaths has reached hundreds of thousands, those countries that were proud of prosperity, safety and welfare, and which millions of migrants and refugees, such as Italy Germany, France, and Turkey, since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, these countries have taken daily measures to combat the epidemic, but they have lost control of the disease, because governments do not consider society as the basis for these countries, while democratic self-management, despite the few capabilities, the economic blockade and the state of war, managed to defeat the Corona virus because it was considered Community safety is the priority and basis for the existence of this department.


Derek added: Some countries believed that they would deal with the Corona virus with its huge potential and the epidemic would not spread in their societies, and decided to use this epidemic to pressure other countries and impose policies on them, but it failed and spread

Derek also pointed out that the corona disease is still a great danger to the whole world, and this disease will cause a new future for the world, and future generations will determine the dates before Corona and beyond, and he said:

Of course we, as the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, were affected by the crisis of the Corona virus economically, but we must be grateful and grateful for the democratic self-management that has taken appropriate measures and measures despite the limited capabilities, which prevented the occurrence of Corona disease in our regions, and we must consider this a victory of our will. We have to cooperate with our self-management and continue to follow the necessary procedures and measures because the virus has not yet ended and the spread of the disease still exists, and every person must consider himself responsible in order to prevent the entry of this epidemic into our regions.

Regarding the accelerated collapse of the Syrian currency, Derek explained:

The collapse of the Syrian currency is part of the ongoing war in Syria, as the countries active in the Syrian crisis after the regime was militarily exhausted, and as a result, Syria was divided according to military control.

Economic warfare is now practiced against the system and consequently the greatest impact will be on the people, and for our regions it will be affected as well. Therefore, society should consider itself responsible and cooperate with democratic self-management in order to offer solutions that address this problem, and we must trust our self-management that is engaged in discussions and meetings for Mitigate the consequences of this economic crisis on the people of northern and eastern Syria, and not to be obedient and affected by the media war on social media, and we are sure that the regions of northern and eastern Syria will be the least affected by this economic crisis, and democratic self-management has put in place the necessary plans for a better future for its people.

And Derek continued:

Our region and the Middle East as a whole are on the verge of a new phase, a new birth, and every new thing meets difficulties and obstacles until it dawns, and therefore we must face these difficulties and work to defeat them, for democratic self-management represents the will of society and every member of society should consider this administration as his home and his responsibility, because management Thanks to the will of the community, we must be confident and believe that all of its decisions are in the interest of this community.

Regarding the north and east regions of Syria and the presence of international forces in them, and the extent of confidence in these forces, Derek said:

As for the American and Russian presence in our regions, the two powers have consensus and they also have contradictions, and they have consensus with us, but there are no guarantees that you will conclude deals and agreements on our account, so we must calculate this account, and that our faith in our military and political strength is strong, and that we do not count on anyone And we believe in the power of organized society. A few days ago, a Russian force stationed in one of the villages of Derek without coordination with self-management, and the people confronted them with sticks and stones until they removed them from the village, and they sent the Russians a message that we do not want you in our village, this is the power of society.

As for the prospect of the Syrian solution, Derek said, stating:

The solution is still far away, because each side has a vision that contradicts the other, and the issue of Idlib has not been resolved yet, and it seems that its solution is still far away, especially after large Turkish forces stationed in it, and it is known that the Turks if they occupy an area in which they stay for a long time, We can say according to the data that the Syrian solution is still far away.

On the unification of the Kurdish parties. Derek confirmed:

We, as the PYD party, are ready for that, but our only condition is to sever ties with the enemies of the Kurdish people, this people who have suffered murder, displacement and extermination from Turkey and the opposition coalition factions in Afrin, Sri kaniye, and Karê Sibî, and it is known that the other side is still linked to this hostile coalition that hostages The Kurdish people, therefore, cutting off the relationship with this coalition is an obvious and natural matter to gain the confidence of the Kurdish people, embracing this people and interacting with the Kurdish community here in Rojava, after which the people will be free to elect the party and the person it represents.

Derek added:

On the military side, in all the world there are no two military forces that represent an administration, a region, or a state, and the only organized forces that have defeated ISIS and liberated northern and eastern Syria are the Syrian Democratic Forces, and any force that operates in this region must fall under the umbrella of these forces, and the presence of two forces Separately, it will create a rift and division in the region that was liberated and united by the blood of the martyrs. We hope that the unity of the Kurdish class will be achieved as soon as possible.

In conclusion, he condemned the removal imposed on the Kurdish intellectual and leader Abdullah Ocalan.


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