A telegram of condolence on martyrdom of leader Qasim Anakin

To the comrades in the PKK:

The hands of those who fool the history of the Middle East in general, and Kurdistan in particular, continue to reach their leaders and treacherously target them, in an attempt to extinguish the flame of these leaders who strive for freedom, equality and democracy; From Sheikh Saeed Piran to Sayyid Reza to Qazi Muhammad, Abdul Rahman Qasimlo and Sadiq Sharif Ganadi in Rojhalat Kurdistan, and lastly – the martyr Qasim Anakin – is only a continuation of this exclusionary and denial mentality; The martyr Qasim Anakin was one of the first leaders who called for democracy, brotherhood of peoples, equality and justice in northern Kurdistan.

We are in the co-presidency of the Democratic Union Party. We share your suffering with this affliction, and affirm our full solidarity with your party and struggle for a free, democratic and pluralistic society. ”

Today, the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) announced the death of member of the Central Committee, Qasim Anakin in an air raid by the Turkish occupation on May 27 in the Biradost regions of the legitimate defense areas.

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