Aisha Hasso: The situation in Idlib is a natural consequence of the failed Astana agreement

Aisha Hasso, Co-Chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Aisha Hasso, said that the situation in Idlib and what is going on there express the failure of the Astana course in the first place, and on the other , the conflict of Russian-Turkish, Turkish-Iranian, and Russian-Iranian interests has led to a deterioration of the situation and displacement A large population controlled terrorism.

Hasso explained in a dialogue with the website “Syria Along” that they were always against the militarization of the Syrian crisis, and that they are with a peaceful solution, and that the dialogue be Syrian-Syrian.

Hasso saw that the situation in Idlib has a terrorist character, and this is likely due to the existence of a terrorist entity in it, such as Jabhat al-Nusra.

 This is what was stated in the text of the dialogue with the joint head of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Aisha Hasso:

Aisha Hasso, in her answers to the questions of the website’s correspondent, said:

What is happening in Idlib must be linked directly to the “Astana” track that resulted in the image we see today there, by the Turkish-Russian-Iranian agenda. Because this trio is the main actor, while the regime has a role in this path but only as an implementation tool, as it has not had any direct presence in Astana.

The tragic situation in Idlib reflects the failure of the Astana track in the first place, and on the other hand, conflicts of interests between these countries.

As for the Autonomy Department of northern and eastern Syria, it was a “third line”, as it was not with the regime, nor with the opposition that had handed in its decision and itself to the Turkish regime and terrorist groups. We have always been against the crisis in Syria turning into a military arena.

 The solution in Syria must be political and peaceful, and the dialogue must be Syrian-Syrian. We believe that the situation in Idlib is of a terrorist nature, in which there is a terrorist entity, especially the “Jabhat al-Nusra” party, and we have repeatedly asked about the extent of Turkey’s ability to control the situation there. We were certain of its failure, and the result is now clear.

We do not expect changes in the Idlib file, in terms of existing convergences and agreements, such as Astana. However, [the question remains] regarding the extent of Turkey and Russia’s ability to maintain the current geographical map, because we were aware that the reality that was present in Idlib, past or present, may turn into a volcano and an explosion at any time, and it will affect the entire Syrian file.

The Syrian regime always uses the method of exclusivity, both from the military point of view in the way the army is used, or in the style of government. Regarding the possibility of the Syrian army launching a military operation in our areas, we are always in a position of self-protection for self-defense and preserving our gains, yet we emphasize the dialogue, and that the dialogue be Syrian-Syrian as I said earlier. Everyone knows about Russia’s efforts on more than one occasion to be a guarantor of the meetings between the Syrian government and Autonomy Department, but this role was not effective.

Apart from that the mentality of exclusivity in Damascus already exists, this mentality became clearer after Autonomy Departmentmade statements about practical steps in the future, related to the meeting between order and Autonomy Department.

In the event of any attacks on northeastern Syria, the SDF will be in the legitimate defense line, as it stood before the Turkish occupation. This is a natural and legitimate right, because we are the ones who eliminated terrorism in Syria, specifically “ISIS,” and all international and regional powers know this, while the Syrian government was not serious about fighting ISIS.

 In her answer to the reporter’s question, “Do you expect the Syrian Democratic Forces to agree with Damascus with Russian support, to fight the opposition and Turkey in Idlib?”

She answered, saying: If we want to talk about the entry of the Syrian Democratic Forces into an agreement with Russia and Damascus to fight Turkey and the opposition in Idlib, then an agreement must be reached on what is the position of the SDF in the Syrian defense system first, especially since “SDF” has great power From the military point of view on the ground, it is the one that fought the darkness of ISIS.

If the regime were able to discuss accepting this issue, then the decision to participate in the Idlib battles will be returned to the SDF.

But as I said in a previous answer, the Damascus mentality has not yet been liberated from the pre-2011 mentality, and it always wants to return to before 2011.

The regime must embrace change. Syria is not the same as it was before 2011 in the political, military, and in all respects.

The truth is that the democratic Autonomy Department project is the only political project to solve the crisis in Syria. The regime must accept this and we repeat our calls for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

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