Our party meets with the people of Tel Koçer

The Co-chair of the Youth Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Qahraman Mamed, held a public meeting for the people of Tel Koçer district, in which he talked about the political situation and developments and contradictions at the strategic level in the world and the effects of corona on humanity, the extent of the deviation of science from morality and the harnessing of science for international interests and exchange of accusations Between America and China regarding the World Health Organization. He also spoke about the regional situation and the ongoing agreements, policies and wars in the Middle East, especially in Syria.

Qahraman Mamid began his talk about the economic situation and the consequences of the Caesar’s law on the people and its disastrous consequences as well as the American statements regarding the areas of self-administration and exempting them from the consequences of this law. He also talked about the precautionary measures to be taken and self-management is working on in order to reduce the negative consequences of this law.

Mamed talked about the plan and practical strategy of the Democratic Union Party after the eighth conference, the necessity of turning the party and its offices into a place for the people and centers for solving problems, the need to organize and visit all villages and towns and spread among the people to organize them and not just stay in party offices.

The attendees also asked many questions related to the political and economic situation and what are the measures of self-management in the face of current and future crises, to be answered by The Co-chair of the Youth Council in the Democratic Union Party PYD Qahraman Mamed.

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