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Our party holds a public meeting in Mustafawiya

Among the activities of the mass meetings in the Gezira region that the Democratic Union Party is carrying out, a member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party PYD. Suleiman Badr held a meeting in the village of Mostafawiya, in the Girkê legê district, in Qamishlo district, to explain the current political situation.

Suleiman Badr spoke about the role of the central hegemonic forces in exterminating peoples by all means, including killing, destruction, biological wars, and activating crises to implement their agendas and preserve their interests.

He pointed to the necessity of organizing and preserving the achievements of the Rojava Revolution, as he noted the need to stand in the face of the conspiracies being hatched within the region and against Kurdish unity and to continue the struggle with the rest of the peoples of the region in order to strengthen self-democratic administrations and support and support of the military forces.
The meeting ended with discussion and response to audience questions.

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