Hasso: NATO should clarify its position regarding massacres of Turkey

The Turkish attacks were met with condemnation from the Iraqi government and parliament, and widespread condemnation by the people of the region, the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan and the Kurdish community in Europe, amid silence from the regional government  of Kurdistan and the United Nations.

Gharib Hasso called on NATO to clarify its position on the massacres of Turkey against the Kurds and the peoples of the region. He pointed out that Turkey continues to commit massacres. He called on Arabs and Kurds to join hands to stop Turkey.

TEV-DEM’s co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement, Gharib Hasso, spoke to our News agency about the attacks in the Başûr of Kurdistan region, in conjunction with the anniversary of the Ottoman Empire’s genocides against the Syriac Assyrian Chaldeans in 1915.

Hasso said, “Turkey always aims to exterminate the Kurds. What is happening is not new. These attacks are a continuation of its systematic policy towards the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan, and the peoples of the region, as it is targeting the peoples of Rojava and northeast of Syria, and the peoples of Turkey.”

He stressed that Turkey’s attacks undermines the security, stability and civil peace that the Kurds establishes. It wants to revive ISIS in the region, and hinder Kurdish relations and communication that the peoples and governments of the region are working on.

He continued, saying: “The recent attack on Başûr in particular Şengal and Mexmûr camp, and legitimate defense areas came after Şengal district communicated with the Iraqi government to manage the region, as well as at a time when the district and other Kurdish regions witnessed a kind of stability afterliberating the Yazidi areas from ISIS. “

it aims also to hide the political and economic failure in the Turkish interior for its losing bet in foreign intervention, and he added, “Therefore, Turkey is working in various ways to attack security and stability in the neighboring countries.”

Hasso explained that Turkey’s 15 of June attacks  on the Başûr of Kurdistan is not a mere coincidence, because the day the Ottoman genocides took place against the Assyrian Syriac people, known as the Seyfo massacres in 1915, and continued, saying: “The Turkish state does not operate according to coincidences, but rather works in a planned manner. in an organized way, Turkey has the teams to work on planning any action that Turkey may take. “

He explained that Turkey’s message from its attacks at this time is to continue its policy of massacres  against the people, and its insistence to commit massacres again as the massacres of Seyfo.

He criticized the sensitivity of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s silence in the context of his speech and said, “We always appeal to the government of Iraq and Kurdistan to determine their position on the attacks.”

He called on NATO to clarify its position on Turkey’s policy and crimes against its civilians, which are transforming Turkish society from a civil society to a military one.

Hasso called for unity among the peoples of the region, build a democratic society and increase solidarity between the Kurds and the Arabs to limit the attacks against the peoples of the region on the political and military levels.

At the end of his speech, he called on civil society organizations to express clear positions about what the people of Başûr of Kurdistan, North and East Syria are exposed to, and he said: “Because there is a clear impact on the international position in the ranks unity and because the will of peoples It is the source of strength, and it is the decision-maker. Everyone must stand united and stand in the face of Turkish ambitions and attacks. “

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