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Anwar Muslim: We have made important achievements, but what is more important to us as a party is what we will achieve and develop in the present and the future

 Anwar Muslim, the cu-chiar of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), said: “We must all stand together in these difficult circumstances. The requirements of the stage require us to be prepared for the coming changes. We are an integral part of Syria, and we have made great sacrifices in order to live in safety, freedom and dignity, Today we will make further sacrifices in order to preserve the gains of our people, liberate the occupied territories and defeat terrorism and the occupiers. ”

This came during a speech by the Joint Chairman of the Democratic Union Party PYD Anwar Muslim during a public meeting in the city of Qamishlo (Al-Corniche neighborhood).

This is the most prominent thing in his speech in which he touched on a set of developments that Syria and the region in general and northern and eastern Syria are going through in particular:

The global system is managing chaos, fueling conflict and instability

We are in the month of June, the month in which our people made great sacrifices. We bow to the honor of their pure souls and all the martyrs of freedom and dignity.

We are all going through an important stage, under difficult conditions, for our people to live in economic and political terms, but we must work together to overcome these difficulties and be able to find common solutions.

Democratic administration in northern and eastern Syria, and with its modest capabilities and without any external support, has managed to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic among the people of our society who have supported the administration in preventive plans and programs, and this in itself is an achievement that everyone shares. Of course, this does not mean that we are immune from the epidemic that is claiming more lives around the world. We must not underestimate it and be ready to face the threat of its spread. This is required of everyone, we must abide by the decisions of the administration in order to protect our children and our society from diseases and epidemics.

Everyone knows that the World Health Organization did not provide any support to our society and it was also hiding the true information about injuries in the region.

The truth of these organizations has become apparent, namely, that they did not seek to protect peoples and societies. Most of their goals and advertising were focused on the commercial and blackmail side instead of showing their human side, so that scientists fell into the trap of those organizations that claim humanity.

From this standpoint, we, as a party within the democratic administration, and from this platform, we confirm once again, that we will abide by all decisions issued by the self-administration, the health authority and the crisis cell, as they are directly related to the ground.

In fact, there is a global system that uses many means to keep peoples at their mercy by creating chaos and instability.

The practice of democracy lies in the harmony between society and its political administration

We must be in constant contact and communication with the institutions of democratic self-management and be a support for them. We participate in a serious and more effective manner in decision-making, not to stand aside and fall into the service of the propaganda war practiced by the entities that hostile our people.

The practice of democracy lies in harmony between society and its political administration, by accepting constructive criticism and effective participation of all segments of society in consolidating the pillars of democratic action and preserving the gains.

There are fascist and racist models practiced by regimes that cannot tolerate any form of democracy in Turkey, for example, a few days ago, a Kurdish young man, “Barche,” was killed because he was listening to a song. In the United States of America, George Floyd was killed because his skin color was brown, i.e. racially motivated.

Also, the conflict in Lebanon, Iraq, and other regions all stem from the same reasons, which is the absence of democracy.

The apparent truth is that we have all accomplished as peoples eager for freedom unless one has accomplished it before

In northern Syria, there are many peoples, denominations, and religions living under the roof of one umbrella, which is the roof of a democratic administration that was founded on the basis of brotherhood of peoples and accepts the other. This participatory, democratic model of coexistence is first realized in the region. We should be proud of this model and maintain and develop it, and this is everyone’s task.

This state of coexistence is based on a historical fact, which is that Mesopotamia is a land of civilizations and cultures and therefore a land of coexistence and democracy.

It is a fact that we cannot compare the culture of terrorism practiced in the territories occupied by Turkish fascism (Sri Kaniye, gire Sbi, and Afrin) with the culture that has grown under the independent democratic administration, a reality that we cannot coexist with such a culture that was founded on terrorist grounds.

Of course, we seek to develop ourselves first and then develop all our institutions. We do not claim perfection. We need more, because democratic construction is in a spot in which authoritarian regimes and terrorism have practiced corruption and destruction that requires the participation and cohesion of social, cultural and political forces that sacrificed for a free and dignified life in which justice prevails. .

The apparent truth is that we have all accomplished as peoples eager for freedom unless one has accomplished it before. The model of self-management that embraced all components preserved ancient cultures and prevented the emergence of an interstate war that national and radical fascist regimes had worked on and were working on.

As for Turkish fascism, it wants us to be tools devoid of any will. A good Kurd in the Justice and Development Party is the one that resembles “Hassan Khairi” and who among us does not know who is this instrumental model that he claimed is a Kurd and he was nothing but a humiliated obedience in the hand of the Turkish Turan. This image of the new Turkish fascism sees the Kurdish person. As for the revolutionary free Kurd who rejects tyranny and resists and sacrifices everything he has in order not to be humiliated, he is the enemy, the separatist and the “terrorist” in relation to Erdogan’s regime and its dictators like it.

From here we must be vigilant to the plans of fascist regimes, we must all join together and work to achieve our hopes and aspirations for freedom, democracy, justice and equality.

Another fact that we all must realize is that we will recover what the Turkish occupier and its mercenary terrorist groups took. Sooner or later, we will restore Afrin, Sri Kaneh, and Kari Sibei from the occupier, and its residents and people will return to it, and this is at the core of our struggle. Our cities and villages will not remain in the hands of thieves, criminals and terrorists.

The interest of our people and society is above all interests, and this issue is strategic for us

We are with constructive dialogue. Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue regarding the unification of the Kurdish political forces and the success of the initiative, for which many efforts have been made since the fourth month. Or the dialogue was with other Syrian parties, we do not impose conditions on anyone, but we seek to prioritize the public interest over the partisan and personal interest. The interest of our people and our society is above all interests and this issue is strategic for us and we cannot overcome them whatever the circumstances and challenges we face, we believe in the ability of our resisting people This is a source of strength for us.

We in the Democratic Union Party have endeavored and strive to make the initiative to unify the Kurdish opinion successful, and what was recently achieved by forming “national unity parties” is a big step towards the second stage of the initiative, which will be launched soon. This is an appropriate opportunity to unite as Kurdish political parties in Syria. We must all work to make this initiative successful, and we are determined to make it succeed.

We are clear about our policy, what we advocate, and what we seek to achieve by building a decentralized democratic system

We are part of Syria and we are working to build a democratic future for Syria, in which Damascus will be for all components of the Syrian people. But the regime in Damascus is not serious for constructive dialogue, as it is still with the same exclusionary authoritarian mentality. But we must know that the wheel will not return to before 2011.

We are clear in our policy, what we are calling for, and what we seek to achieve by building a decentralized democratic system that is preserved by a democratic constitution and a pluralistic democratic parliament in which all Syrian components are represented, and Damascus is the capital of all Syrians and not one specific party. Syria for all Syrians We preserve it with our own cultures, history and languages. The Syrian-Syrian dialogue is a must. Being the key to what we seek in the desired democratic construction.

Everyone should sacrifice, think and act with his conscience and conscience

Of course, we in northeastern Syria and like all other Syrian regions will be affected by Caesar’s law, which will impose on the regime, as we are in northern and eastern Syria an integral part of Syria. But perhaps a less influential impact from the areas under the Syrian regime. Therefore, we must join hands and coalesce in alleviating suffering and give each other a hand. We, as a party within the Democratic Self-Administration, have presented our proposals to the administration in this regard, which is providing all forms of assistance and the means and capabilities available to overcome this difficult stage.

We must stand on our previous mistakes, what has been accomplished in the past years at the political and partisan level is important, but the most important for us as a party is what we will accomplish and develop in the stage we coexist in and in the next other stages, everyone should sacrifice, think and act with his conscience and conscience.

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