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Muslim: We wait for Kurdish National Council to launch second phase of talks

Saleh Muslim explained that the second phase of the Kurdish-Kurdish talks will include the Kurdish National Unity parties, and said: “It was planned to join them from the beginning, but the Kurdish National Council has not any step yet, and we are awaiting their response.”

yesterdey, the Democratic Union Party held a meeting at Saqr Quraish School in Qamishlo in northeastern Syria, to address the political and economic situation in Syria. Dozens of city’s’ people, members of the Democratic Union Party, and Kongra Star joined the meeting.

The Kurds established a true democratic system

Member of the presidency of the Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim, touched on the conditions, accomplishments and gains of the Kurds. By their solidarity, they defeated terrorism of ISIS mercenaries, and thwarted conspiracies against the Kurdish people, especially after the defeat of ISIS.

Muslim stated that the Kurds were able to build a democratic system that embraces all components of the region, based on the foundations and principles of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of the people, he said: “Building democratic Autonomous Administration is the unique project; it is the first one that was built in the Middle East to bring true democracy. This has angered the enemies of democracy  .”

The Autonomous Administration was able to counter Coronavirus against all odds

Muslim praised the great efforts of administration in countering  pandemic in the region, despite all the difficulties it faces and the lack of support provided to it, and cooperation of many internal and regional parties. He stressed that despite this, the administration has proven that it is able to keep up with developed countries in protecting their people.

We are confident that the administration will do all it can to confront the economic crisis

Muslim also touched during the meeting on the economic situation due to the low value of the Syrian pound against foreign currency, and noted that “Caesar’s Act” which will be implemented in the middle of this month, adding more sanctions on the government of Bashar al-Assad. This Act affected the Syrian pound against the dollar even before its implementation, indicating: “The international coalition and the United States had said that they would prevent the impact of this Act on areas northeast Syria. If they are serious about that, the administration will do everything necessary to raise the burden of the pound’s deterioration on the shoulders of the people of the region. “

The first phase was positive, and we are awaiting the response of the KNC to start the second phase of talks

Saleh Muslim also touched on the purposeful endeavors to unify the Kurdish ranks in Rojava, and said since 2011, the Kurdish people are demanding Kurdish forces and parties to unify the rank, but this demand has not yet been fulfilled. He noted that efforts and initiatives to unify the Kurdish ranks have emerged, but they were not crowned with success and were stopped in midway, due to external and regional interference and some parties trying to stifle efforts to unify the Kurdish ranks.

Muslim added: “Recently, the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces launched an initiative to unify the Kurdish ranks, and many Kurdish parties and forces have expressed positive positions on this. Indeed, meetings have been held with the Kurdish National Council, and we have already been able to take positive steps and converge views in the first rounds.”

” Muslim indicated that the second step is expected to start with the inclusion of the rest of the Kurdish parties in these meetings, and accordingly the “Kurdish National Unity Parties” were formed to join these meetings, and he said: “However, the National Council has not yet taken any new step to start the second phase, and we are waiting for their response. “


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