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Girê Spî Council: Occupation must release kidnapped, we support popular movement against invaders

Girê Spî Canton Council condemned the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ inhuman crimes against the people in the occupied areas, and demanded the international community to pressure Turkey to release the kidnapped people from their prisons. Moreover, they supported the popular movement against the invaders.

All members of Girê Spî Council and Ain Issa district’s committees and institutions participated in the statement read by the Deputy Co-Chairmanship of Girê Spî Canton Council, Sabri Nebbo.

In its statement, the Council condemned the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ crimes, inhuman practices and the kidnapping of women in the occupied areas.

The Council expressed its surprise at the international silence towards the practices of the Turkish occupation and its commission of the most horrific crimes against the peoples of the region; killing, displacement, arbitrary arrests, looting of property and other crimes from which no one was spared in the occupied areas.

The statement affirmed its support for the popular movement, the demonstrations in which the people of Girê Spî / Tel Abyad city went out yesterday, and their demand for the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ leaving their city.

The statement called on the United Nations (UN) and the Russian guarantor to put pressure on Turkey to release the detainees in its prisons and the prisons of its mercenaries and to remove the injustice from the people of the occupied areas.

The Council appealed to what it called “the global and human conscience to consider the distress of the women of Afrin and the violations of the occupation against them, the immediate move to end their tragedy, and the non-repetition of the tragedy of Shengal women committed by ISIS mercenaries against the Yezidi women.

The statement concluded with praise for the struggle of the Syrian Democratic Forces defending their borders in the face of the ambitions of the Turkish occupation, deterring the remaining ISIS cells backed by Turkey that is working to destabilize the security and stability of the region.

Recently, several condemnations issued for the practices of the Turkish occupation against Syrian women in the occupied areas, the latest of which was finding women in the occupation mercenaries’ prisons in Afrin canton in a miserable situation after a fighting broke out between two factions loyal to Turkey, and the kidnapping of a woman with her son yesterday in Ain al-Arous neighborhood in Girê Spî city according to local sources.


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