PYD Council: Kurds are essential part of Syria’s components

Today, the Democratic Union Party held an expanded meeting in Tirbê Spiyê district within a series of public meetings held by the Party to explain the latest developments in the political and economic arena. Moreover, dozens of people from Tirbê Spiyê district participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, the member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party’s youth, Qehreman Mamed, spoke and explained that there are Western and regional troops aim to divide the region and make it in a state of dispersion and instability.

Qehreman explained that the Kurds are an essential part of the components of Syria and cannot be ignored. He said: “Western countries tried to make the Kurds a force related to them and not independent, but they could not, and they cannot ignore the Kurds in the comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis.”

Qehraman Mamed pointed out that the solution in Syria is still absent due to the regional countries imposition of their policies on the Syrian reality, and noted that any solution to the Syrian crisis must include the Autonomous Administration.

Qehreman described the initiative proposed by the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to unify the Kurdish ranks as real and serious and said: “The initiative achieves cohesion and harmony in the Kurdish internal visions and policies in the region.”

Mamed focused on the necessity of strengthening the military system represented by SDF, and pointed out that whoever wants to protect the peoples of the region can join SDF.

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