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Feminist Orgs demand to put end Turkish occupation, women must be supported

Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries commit violations and continuous crimes against civilians in the areas they occupied in Syria, especially in Afrin, where women are exposed to the most heinous crimes and violations.

In this regard, 11 feminist’ organizations in northern and eastern Syria today issued a joint statement, which was delivered in the Reading Garden” Hadikat al-Qraa in the city of Qamishlo, in Arabic, Kurdish and Syriac languages, through which they affirmed that what happened and is being done against women in Afrin is far from humanitarian principles and international conventions.

The organizations that participated in the statement are” Kongra Star, Syrian Women Council in North and East of Syria,  Syriac Women Union, Women Council in PYD, Women Coordination in Autonomous Administration in Al-Jazeera region, Women Office SDC, Women Office in Arab National body, Women’s Office of the Future Syria Party, Sara Organization to Combat Violence Against Women, Women’s Body in North and East Syria.

The text of the statement read:

“Since the beginning of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries for the city of Afrin, its violations and practices – which fall under the category of war crimes in light of a general international silence – are still ongoing, despite the resistance made by the people of Afrin in the face of forced displacement and the systematic demographic change that the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries aim at.

The people of Afrin are exposed on a daily basis to the most brutal inhuman violations and systematic violence, in which women had severely suffered as a result of the continued indiscriminate shelling of al-Shahba areas, kidnapping, rape, forced marriage of minor girls, and the killing and torture of women in detention centers inside the city of Afrin and its occupied villages to completely empty the region of its population. “.

The practices that women are exposed to undermine the will of the conscious, organized woman

The statement affirmed that the recent events that had been oocured after the clashes that took place between mercenary factions in the region revealed crimes and violations taking place in prisons, where dozens of abducted women, the majority of whom were indigenous Kurds, were found naked, and they were physically tortured and sexually abused in blatant violation is far from humanitarian principles and international conventions.

The statement indicated that, despite all the practices that women are exposed to undermine their will, her insistence on resistance and her struggle to establish a free and democratic society made her a role model for the world.

These crimes must be considered war crimes

The statement concluded by calling on the international community and all human rights organizations and women’s movements to break their silence and take their role in ending the Turkish occupation and forming a fact-finding committee of the United Nations and relevant human rights organizations to hold perpetrators accountable for these crimes, as war crimes and provide the necessary support to protect women and support their resistance.


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