Violations against women are desecration of lofty human values

Turkey and its mercenaries occupied Afrin and committed serious and heinous violations against its population especially women, killing, kidnapping, demographic change, displacement, extortion, cutting trees, royalties, stealing antiquities, destroying shrines, rape, kidnapping and arbitrary arrests of its people, women in particular, and the latest of which was the arrest of dozens of women By the so-called Hamzat division in Afrin.
The practice of the Turkish occupation state of such violations and shameful acts against women, especially a sign of their lack of respect for human values ​​and morals, and an attempt to desecrate the lofty values ​​on which humanity is based.

We in the Council of Women in the Union Party condemn these heinous acts. We call on the international community in general and the organizations concerned with women’s affairs to stop the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries at their sole level, and to hold them accountable for the acts they committed and perpetrated in contradiction to human morals and societal values.

PYD Women’s Council

May 30, 2020

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