Yakşin: Turkish Intervention in Syrian Territories Was a Big Mistake

Al- Arabiya Net conducted an interview with the former Turkish Foreign Minister Yaşar Yakşin who commented on the resignations of the main founders of the Justice and Development Party, saying that “Ahmet Davutoglu did not wait for the decision to expel him from the party.

While Babacan visited the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and told him that he plans to resign, and refused to stay in the party despite Erdogan’s proposal to work with him.

Yaşar also explained that “Davutoglu and Babacan oppose the deterioration of economic conditions, democracy, and freedoms in the country, and may have a chance to win the next elections at the expense of the ruling party as a result of the failure.

AKP’s Policy is Against Democracy

The former minister also criticized the dismissal of mayors of Amed, Wan and Mardin by saying that “replacing them with trustees is against the democratic principles that the AKP used to cherish in the early stages of its rule, “When we set up the AKP in 2001, we would have preferred the transfer of power by the central administration of local authorities, but what the party is doing now is the opposite of what was promoted in the early years of its rule,” he said.

The Turkish Military Intervention in Syria is a Big Mistake

He said: “Turkey should not get involved in the internal affairs of Syria. It should have limited its involvement to the humanitarian aspects of the crisis, but sending its ground forces to a neighboring country, it is unacceptable under international law. “Turkey could have promoted its national interests in Syria by avoiding direct military intervention in the crisis.”

As for the possibility of early elections in Turkey, he said: “It may become an option if Erdogan can estimate the magnitude of the expected defeat of his ruling party during the elections scheduled for 2023.”

He added that “the decision to hold any early elections in Turkey, comeback to Erdogan, if he can conclude that his Justice and Development Party will lose more during the elections in 2023, then resort to elections.”

It is noteworthy, the former minister was expelled from the ruling party in 2014 for refusing its policies in the Middle East.


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