Shahouz Hassan: Experience of Autonomous Administration became a legacy to all components of region

PYD’s Co-chair Shahouz Hassan during his participation in the festival organized in the city of al-Hasakah by the PYD on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of founding the party delivered a speech saying that founding the party came to solve the Kurdish cause in Syria to realize the democracy and all the issues must be resolved to realize the democracy, PYD worked on solving 2 issues, the Kurdish one and the issue of the democracy on the base of the peoples’ fraternity and the co-existence by thwarting all the plots waged against the region.
In a related context, Shahouz Hassan said the experience of the Autonomous Administration became a legacy to all the components of the region who struggled and thanks to their sacrifices our Syrian areas have been liberated.
He said that as we defeated the Daesh mercenaries and all the jihadists and the affiliated groups, we will be able to thwart and confront all the Turkish threats.


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