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Khalil: Erdogan is Looking for a Way to Get Rid of his Crises

Disagreements, contradictions, the weakness of the AKP in Turkey, the deteriorating economic situation, the splits within the AKP, and the internal public discontent against Erdogan all push him to seek a way out of his crises by creating a state of war and fabricating problems without thinking about their backgrounds so that he can overcome his internal crises.

Following the agreement between Turkey and the International Coalition to fight ISIS on a sustainable security mechanism to address the mutual security concerns between what Turkey claims to threats to its national security and the right concerns of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria from the ongoing Turkish threats to attack the region, and after the establishment of a joint operations center between the International Coalition and Turkey Joint patrols, and after the SDF fulfilled their obligations under the agreement, Erdogan reaffirms his dissatisfaction with the agreement.

After the defeat in the Istanbul elections despite the re-election, Erdogan and his ruling gang sensed the threat to his rule, and after the liquidation of the army and the Turkish military establishment of leaders and individuals that could pose a threat to his policy, he is now arresting and dismissing the mayors who were elected by the Turkish people, with false chauvinistic arguments, the economic crisis that plagues Turkey, and popular discontent with government policies have created a deepening internal crisis in Turkey.

On the other hand, the alliance with Russia and the purchase of Russian defense systems and the meeting with Russia and Iran in Sochi and Astana, made the West doubt the eligibility of Turkey as an ally and a member of NATO, creating a crisis between America and Turkey difficult to overcome.

All these things push Erdogan to find a solution from his internal crises, at least at the expense of the destruction of the peoples of the region, he thinks that playing on the Turkish national tendency through fabricating or waging a war on the Kurds, and decorating them with national slogans will restore his popularity, which was shaken in Turkish society , And distracted by the attention of the Turks from internal crises.

 What are the reasons for Erdogan’s dissatisfaction with the border protection agreement he and his government have signed with the international coalition and the United States?

What do Erdogan and his party aspire to?

On the issue of the return of refugees who Erdogan is sending to the eastern Euphrates and resettle there, claiming that this is within the border protection agreement with the international coalition, what is the mechanism agreed on the issue of Syrian refugees in Turkey?

The position of the Syrian regime, which remained silent over the Turkish occupation of Jrablos, Azaz, al-Bab and Afrin, where it did not issue any condemnation or rejection of this occupation at least, and was waiting for opportunities to attack the Democratic Autonomous Administration and describes it as the occupation, although it represents 30% if not more of the components The Syrian people.

Erdogan regrets the understanding he had with the US delegation on border protection

To explain these questions, the Democratic Union Newspaper met with the leader in the Democratic Autonomous Administration, Aldar Khalil.

Based on the acceptance of Democratic Administration in the north and east of Syria of the principle of dialogue and the search for a US-mediated solution with Turkey was the logic of avoiding war and avoiding the region a Turkish attack targeting all Syrian components and geography. The administration side has always protected the region from Turkish threats that it will attack the region. Indeed, there has been an understanding between the US and Turkey on border protection, but it seems that the Turkish side is still insisting on war. Erdogan is still committed to this agreement, so he moves according to the agreement which aims to end the Kurdish presence first and blow up any democratic experiment formed in the region, and to maintain his government and regime Erdogan needs to launch a war in the region, regardless of the mechanism, what and how the administration is here in the region he needs to wage war, so he insists on the attack, because he is convinced to overcome differences and contradictions in Turkey, the deteriorating economic situation, the splits within the AKP and the internal public discontent against Erdogan all push him to find a way to get rid of his crises, by creating a state of war and then he could overcome the internal crisis. Erdogan, his government and his ministers said he regretted the understanding they had with the US delegation about border protection. He insists on going back and meeting with President Trump to seek a place in the region and create a state of war.

Of course, Erdogan still wanted the influential factor and force in Syria to be the jihadist and extremist movements, and he never accepts the development of the democratic system, so he does not accept this understanding and will seek in the coming periods to find arguments to disavow those understandings.

Erdogan took advantage of the tragedy of the Syrian people to win many issues

As for the issue of refugees and their return, which is argued by Erdogan and his government, Aldar Khalil explained that noting:

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Erdogan has tried to play a lot of cards on the Syrian issue. At the beginning of the revolution, he withdrew all those claiming to be Syria’s opposition to Turkey, opened offices and adopted them, built military forces and collected fighters from all countries, and played the role of the carrier. It can be said that Erdogan played a very negative role in the Syrian revolution and the aspirations of the Syrian people, in addition to the political and economic agreements. Erdogan took advantage of the tragedy of the Syrian people, pretending that he was adopting the humanitarian situation of Syrian refugees, but later, we found out that he was using them to put pressure on Europe, Russia, the Syrian regime and the United Nations to win through them a lot of issues. Financially, he has received more than seven billion euros from the European Union, as well as taking a lot of money from UN organizations. He also puts constant pressure on the EU during political and diplomatic meetings. He always threatens them with refugees. European position too often tainted by duplication and to make concessions to Turkey.

Sending refugees to our regions will create conflict in the region

Aldar Khalil pointed to Turkey’s use of the refugee card to pressure America as well

In the recent period, Erdogan is threatening America and the International Coalition and the Syrians, in general, to return Syrian refugees in Turkey to Syrian territory, and everyone knows that he has settled the families of his mercenaries in Afrin, in order to bring about demographic change, he is exploiting the issue of refugees and claims that he will provide them with places to live but in fact, he is working to bring about demographic change in Afrin, and now he wants to repeat this scenario and send refugees to other areas of Syria, specifically to the east of the Euphrates, and his goal is to bring the appropriate demographic change to him first, and secondly to create sedition in an attempt by Erdogan to abort the project of the democratic nation that has created a state of harmony, interaction, and development of the concept of common and participatory life between the components, and if Erdogan can send refugees to our areas, he will create a state of conflict in the region and therefore instability in Syria will continue.

Every refugee has to return to his village, town, and home

Regarding the position of the Autonomous Administration on this subject, Aldar Khalil said

Our position is clear: refugees from the region can return to their areas and villages freely and without causing any inconvenience to them, but those individuals and persons who caused the bombings and the killing of civilians and those who participated in terrorist and military operations against the people of the region cannot come. The security records of those who return to the region must be clean, and the issue of refugees from other Syrian regions is another matter that requires understanding with the United Nations and its associated organizations to find a solution for these refugees. We are as Syrians and as part of Syria and we now manage 30% of Syria. Dialogue with UN organizations to seek a solution for those refugees from other areas. The general principle is that every refugee has to return to his village, city, and home. If there are unstable and unsafe areas, this leads us to the need to find a solution to the Syrian crisis. As a Democratic Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, we are partners in the Geneva negotiations, we will be part of the Constitutional Committee and we will be a part of the dialogue on all these issues. 

The regime is waiting for opportunities and surprises to be able to control all of Syria

On the Syrian regime’s failure to abandon its old ideology, Aldar Khalil said:

The Syrian regime must realize that to reach a democratic Syria and to achieve stability and security in Syria, it must be convinced that it must engage with the forces on the ground in Syria to agree on a specific formula for the future Syria, but unfortunately, it still insists on its intransigence and positions. It seems that it is counting on a lot of foreign affairs and waiting for surprises to be able to control the whole of Syria as it was before 2011. Even if it manages to control all the Syrian geography, this will not mean that the problem in Syria is over and that the crisis has been solved. Things are over, it must be aware that waiting for opportunities to strike our democratic project will not be in the interest of Syria (neither the regime nor the Syrian people) but will be a restoration of the state of chaos, conflicts, and war, so waiting for opportunities and improving them is not a good and acceptable logic, but a revitalization of the state of conflict, and we believe that this policy is a failed policy that will not lead to positive results in the interest of the Syrian people and Syria.

The SDF has accepted the border protection agreement between the International Coalition, which is part of it, and Turkey to protect the safe areas of northern and eastern Syria from a major war and demanded the activation of this agreement on the entire border of the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria with Turkey. According to the testimony of the international coalition, the Syrian regime should thank the SDF for preserving part of the Syrian territory and avoiding it from the occupation, not threatening and accusing, the Euphrates Shield and Afrin areas have been occupied in full view and with the blessing of the Syrian regime which has not acted and It is trying to characterize 6.5 million Syrian citizens in the areas of Democratic Administration in the north and east of Syria with terrorism and separation, only because they demand to spread their democratic experience throughout Syria and reject the central government system, and although they offered thousands of martyrs and wounded in order to liberate their Syrian territory from global terrorism and preserve the unity of Syria, and most countries of the world expressed thanks and gratitude to SDF for this great victory except Turkey and the Syrian regime, are all these terrorist states?

In short, the non-involvement of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Democratic Autonomous Administration and keep them away from any negotiations to resolve the Syrian crisis, and the failure to involve their representatives in the Constitutional Committee will fail any efforts to the Syrian settlement and will exacerbate the crisis.



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