Isaac: Christian Component Refuses to Protect Those Who Killed their Ancestors

Bassam Isaaq, head of the Syriac National Council of Syria, told the PYD’s website that no one in the US and Western political circles believed that Turkey was seeking to establish a safe area in Syria under the pretext of preventing the threat to its internal security.

Issac added: “the sons of al-Jazeera of the Syrians and Armenians resorted to it in search of security, safety and stability from the Ottoman massacres of 1915 against them, because they do not trust those who killed and displaced their ancestors to be the guarantor of their security today.”

“Everyone knows the true intentions and aspirations of Erdogan in the geography of Syria and Iraq, Turkey wants to describe the conflict as a national “Kurdish-Arab” in order to create strife between the Kurds and Arabs in the region, but the reality is that the people of the region has multiple identities, whether national or religious in the north of Syria find “Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Syriacs, Chechens and others” and none of them wants to be liberated from an authoritarian regime in Damascus to fall into a colonial trap with a bloody and recent history in Afrin, citing displacement, demographic change and suppression of personal and religious freedoms,” he said.

He stressed: what Turkey is doing in Afrin today is proof that it is not advocates of security, peace and pluralism, but the exact opposite as for the statements issued by a Syriac church inside Ankara that agrees with Erdogan decision to occupy northeastern Syria, Isaac said: “the authoritarian regimes put the pressure on the ethnic and religious minorities to issue statements to serve the authoritarian power.”

“With the spread of awareness among societies, it has become difficult to exploit peoples and practice the policy of coercion and exploit them , and here the Syriac component is not deceived by statements given under pressure and will not accept to live humiliating in the land of their ancestors,” Issac concluded.



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