Demos All Over Europe Protested Turkish Attacks 

Thousands of Kurds marched together in Hamburg after the invasion. Left Party MP Cansu Özdemir, Martin Dolzer, activist Anja Flach said in their speeches that everyone should be sensitive to the occupation and should take to the streets,ANF reported.


The Turkish state’s invasion attacks were protested in Ulm, Germany. Activists from ATIF, AGIF, ADHF, DKTM, SYKP, MLPD, Kollektiv 26, Rebell joined the action called by the “Ulm Platform Against War”.


The Turkish military offensive against Rojava was protested with a march in Bielefeld organised by Bielefeld DKTM.


The invasion of Rojava was protested in Giessen. European Syriac Association, Die Linke and many leftist groups joined the action.


Kurds living in Saarbrücken, Germany, organized a march to condemn the Turkish state’s occupation attacks.


A rally was organized by the German Federation of Migrant Workers (AGIF) in Cologne to protest the Turkish occupation attacks. In addition to AGIF, the rally was attended by MLPD, Rebell, Zora Women’s Movement, Communist Reconstruction, Communist Women and Communist Youth. AGIF and the Kurdish Democratic Society Center in Cologne.


Activists gathered at the Brandenburger Tor square.

In the evening, Kurdish and German internationalist youth organized civil disobedience in Kreutzberg, Berlin.

Representatives of Kurdish institutions operating in Berlin urged everyone to meet today at 4 pm in front of the Bundestag.


The invading Turkish army’s Rojava attack was protested in Oldenburg, Germany. Hundreds of Kurdish people gathered in front of the Oldenburg Hauptbahnhof and chanted slogans against the Turkish state.


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