The Presidency of PYD participates in a clan conciliation meeting in Til Temr

The Senate board in northern and eastern Syria has resolved a dispute that had erupted between two clans (AL-NACARA and AL SHARBEN) in Tal Temr district in Hasaka province, after a dispute that lasted for more than three years.

On Saturday, the Senate held a meeting to resolve the dispute between two rival families in Tal Tamr, after a dispute that lasted for more than three years (a vendetta dispute)

The Peace Initiative was organized in the “Al-Khaima Hall” in the center of Til Temr district, in the presence of Anwar Muslim, a co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), members of the party’s Relations Office, prominent political, social and military personalities in addition to the elders of the Kurdish and Arab tribes in the region, and in the presence of hundreds of members of civil institutions Political parties and the people of the region, as well as the presence of members and elders of the two quarrels.

During the reconciliation meeting, the co- chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Anwar Muslim spoke, in which he referred to the need to reject differences between the people of the people and work to spread peace and tolerance and restore the spirit of brotherhood between the two families. He also thanked all those who initiated the peace initiative and all those who sought rapprochement between the two parties.

Muslim praised the role of Arab and Kurdish tribes in preserving values ​​and morals and their role in preventing and expanding conflict.

During his speech, Muslim demanded all the people of the region to put their differences aside and overcome difficulties, because the current stage is sensitive and needs cohesion and national unity, more solidarity and national awareness and the pursuit of building a free society in which security, stability and brotherhood of peoples prevail.

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