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Our party receives the Future Syria Party in its public center

A delegation from the Future Syria Party headed by Ibrahim Al-Kaftan visited our Democratic Union Party in its general center, to discuss developments in the current situation, such as the Kurdish rapprochement and the economic crisis in the region and Syria in particular.

The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Kaftan and member of the party’s council, Jihad Hassan, visited the general center of our party in Qamishlo.

The visiting delegation was received on Wednesday (10 June 2020) by the co-presidency of our party, Aisha Hasso and Anwar Muslim, and a member of the Joint Presidency Commission Saleh Muslim and Sama Bakdash, and a member of the Relations Office Khalil Othman and Rohat Mulla Khalil.

The meeting discussed the developments of the political, social and economic situation and the extent to which the regions of northern and eastern Syria are affected by the Caesar Law imposed on the Damascus government.

The two parties touched on the issue of Kurdish-Kurdish rapprochement, and they concluded during their discussion that the Kurdish rapprochement is important for Syria and the region and supports the solution in Syria, stressing that it is the right of all political and popular parties to arrange their internal home among them.


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