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Women’s relations to our party visit the organization of women in the Conservative Party

A delegation from the PYD’s Women’s Relations Office visited the organization of women in the Democratic Conservative Party in its office in Qamishlo, to discuss the political situation in the region in general, and promoted Ava in particular, in addition to talking about the current economic situation and its consequences, and a discussion was also made about the difficulties Women faces in the region and the need to find solutions to them.

The delegation of women’s relations for our party, the Democratic Union Party, consisted of: Sama Bakdash, the party’s spokesperson, and members of the party’s Relations Office, Sherine Issa and Rawhat Mulla Khalil.

They were received by Rola Al-Marai, the Women’s Administrative Officer, in the Democratic Conservative Party.

They discussed the current political situation in the region, the situation of women in particular, and the difficulties and obstacles they face in all respects, in particular political challenges.

They pointed out during the meeting to the economic situation that the region is going through and the need to unite efforts to face the repercussions of this crisis.

A monthly program for women has been established in all parties to sensitize their political side.



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