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Turkish state … crimes against women everywhere

The Turkish state’s crimes against women in the areas it occupies in Syria are no different from their crimes in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan, according to statistics that show an increase in cases of violence against women and the state’s tolerance of the perpetrators of crimes and violence without convicting them of severe penalties.

Besides the pressures of the Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) government on women and women defenders of their rights in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan, women face violence in its many forms in their country, which amounts to killing in some cases, while the Turkish occupation continues to put pressure on women in the occupied areas of Syria.

Within a year and a half … More than 620 women have been victims of crimes in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan

In Turkey and Bakur, “north Kurdistan”, a platform (We will work to reduce the killing of women, KCDP Platforma Em ê Kuştinên Jinan Rawestînin) published a report on the statistics of cases of violence against women during 2019, according to the report that at least 474 women were killed, including more of the 50 killed in public and crowded places.

According to reports published by Jin news in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan, more than 146 women were exposed to various forms of violence, including murder, during the current year 2020.

1,564 women subjected to violence in the occupied areas

In the regions occupied by Turkey in the north-east and northwest of Syria (Jarabulus, Azaz, al-Bab, Afrin, Tal-Abyad and Serêkaniyê), the human rights organization in north and east Syria stated that more than 1,564 women were exposed to various types of violence, including killing, kidnapping, rape and physical violence.

The Turkish state did not hide its dissatisfaction with the role of political women in northern and eastern Syria, by targeting the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Hefrin Khalaf, during its attacks on the cities of Tal-Abyad and Serêkaniyê  in October 2019.

The crimes of the Turkish occupation increased recently against women in the occupied city of Afrin, which sparked a public outcry, especially after the publication of a video of a group of women in a prison belonging to the group of al-Hamzat movement that moves with Turkish orders, while the sites published that found 5 girls naked in a prison for al-Hamzat group in the neighborhood al-Zaydiyah in the city of Afrin, with infants, not to mention the increase in the number of kidnappings of minors.

According to Samira Ibrahim, a member of the Human Rights Organization in Afrin, the crimes of the Turkish occupation are increasing day after day against the women in Afrin, from immoral practices such as kidnapping, rape and killing.

Samira Ibrahim says that they documented more than a thousand kidnappings of women in Afrin, and 60 women were killed, three of whom committed suicide in mysterious circumstances, in addition to raping 65 women.

After Turkey occupied the cities of Tal-Abyad and Serêkaniyê in October last year and until this year, the Human Rights Organization in northern Syria documented cases of 10 women who were killed in mysterious circumstances, and 52 women who were subjected to various injuries, not to mention documenting the existence of 11 cases of kidnapping and rape.

Call for implementation of conventions to protect women’s rights

Many women in Turkey and early Kurdistan are betting on the Istanbul Convention, which is a treaty of the European Council for the Prevention and Combating of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence that was ratified by 45 European countries on 11 May 2011 in Istanbul.

Although most European countries have signed an agreement to combat violence against women, cases of intentional violence are increasing day by day in various countries of the world, especially in Turkey, which adopted the agreement as a law to prevent violence against women and protect the family legally.

However, according to women in Turkey, in everyday life the provisions of the agreement are not applied and protective measures are taken for women, and they point out that the government does not adhere to the agreement.

Aisha Jokhan, spokeswoman for the Free  Women Movement in Kurdistan, said that women are going through a historical stage by developing their organization in women’s organizations and institutions, as they resist in all fields and have achieved great and clear achievements.

She pointed out that the achievements of women, especially in Bakur Kurdistan and northeast Syria, are not appropriate with the mentality and authoritarian regime. Therefore, day after day, attacks on women’s personality and women’s movements calling for their rights are increasing. Also, on the other hand, it becomes more persistent in the resistance. ”

And on the crimes committed by the Turkish government in its country and Bakur Kurdistan, Aisha Jokhan says: “In the whole world, including Turkey, it has laws that are necessary to protect women’s rights, but no one applies them, while anti-women rhetoric is neglected, let alone underestimating the implementation of sanctions

Aisha confirms that in 2015 and 2016, the Turkish government destroyed more than 19 Kurdish cities in Bakur Kurdistan, and killed women and mutilated on their bodies, in addition to its attack on the Free Women Movement and the Rosa Movement on May 22 and the arrest of activists in it. She said: “The Turkish government cannot change its mentality. In the areas it occupies in northern and eastern Syria, such as Afrin, Tal-Abyad and Serêkaniyê, women continue to be kidnapped, raped, and killed. ”

Aisha spokeswoman for Bakur Kurdistan, Aisha Jokhan, called on international humanitarian organizations, the United Nations and countries that have signed agreements to protect women’s rights to move and stop crimes against women in Turkey and Bakur and the regions they occupy in Syria.

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