“Fourth of April” the birthday of the oppressed people

Decades of struggle and 21 years of resistance in prison, Commander Abdullah Ocalan continues with all determination and persistence. This will, which has become a source from which the peoples of the region take their democratic struggle, and Commander Ocalan contributes with every free will, so that freedom, peace and democracy can be realized for the unity and solidarity of peoples.

The fourth of April is the birthday of Commander Abdullah Ocalan, who is still being held hostage in difficult circumstances; this day, through his insights and ideas related to the unity of peoples, their love, common fateful work, and renewal of all ties and indications that have been distorted and falsified in order to create conflict between peoples is a historic day My destiny for the people of the region.

This day cannot be considered the day of the birth of one person per se; its significance lies in the historical depth that this day represents the true birth of the oppressed peoples on which the practices of oppression and denial accumulated until their identity waned on all sides.

In the General Council of the Democratic Union Party, we address all our people with all its components congratulating their birth; the birth of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and we also affirm that the freedom of the leader Ocalan is the true freedom of all peoples. While continuing to be a hostage expresses the continuation of the policies of denial against the Kurdish people and all the oppressed peoples working for freedom, we also condemn all the practices of the Erdogan regime, which is still acting as the agent and executioner of the forces that carried out the international conspiracy against the leader Ocalan.

 That is why we call on all international human rights and legal organizations to pressure the Turkish state to lift the imposed isolation and allow the lawyer and relatives of the leader to meet him and change the conditions and conditions of his arrest.

We also affirm that the joint struggle of peoples, their living and their brotherhood will always be a path towards achieving freedom through practical cohesion with the efforts and struggle of the leader Ocalan and that the imposed isolation is only attempts to prevent the peoples for which the leader fights for and from achieving the achievement of its free democratic will and its freedom is absolutely a syndrome With his freedom.

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)

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