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Yousef: We encounter health and economic war

PYD’s member, Fawza Yousef, assured that “Caesar’s Act was established primarily to protect civilians and punish the Syrian regime, but its repercussions will greatly affect the people”, stressing that the Autonomous Administration is taking several steps to mitigate it on the regions of northeast of Syria

The Democratic Union Party, PYD organized a meeting in Tel Hamis district to discuss political and economic issues and how to confront them, so as to reduce the burden on the people of the region in general.

The meeting was attended by dozens of the people and leaders of the Arab clans in addition to the administrative in the Democratic Union Party PYD, Fawza Yousef, and a member of the party’s general office, Suleiman Abu Bakir.

Yousef explained the latest political developments internally and externally, and discussed the political issues and Caesar’s Act.

She noted at the beginning of her speech that the conditions that the region is going through are all linked and we cannot separate it from the global situation and the conditions of neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and others.

She explained the Caesar’s Act and its repercussions on Syria in general and the region in particular, and indicated that it laid a foundation for protecting civilians and punishing the regime in Syria, but unfortunately, its economic consequences will inevitably be reflected on people.

How to face these challenges?

The war was initially military, political, and psychological, but nowadays it is a healthy and economic war, so we must confront it in other ways that are appropriate to this new war, and we join hands with the Autonomous Administration will be able to win this war as well. Despite the blockade and the lack of capabilities, our regions have so far been able to distance themselves from the spread of Coronavirus, all thanks to the awareness of our society and adherence to the measures issued by its administration. “

As for Caesar Act, Yousef indicated that it was designed to target President Bashar al-Assad, his government, and his supporters from foreign may last 5 years. During these years, if the regime waives the conditions of America and Geneva negotiations, it will stop, and if nothing changes in the policy of the regime, this Act will continue to be implemented until the regime is overthrown.

she emphasized that the autonomous regions are part of Syria, consequently they will definitely be affected by the Act, noting that, according to statements of American officials, they will exempt the regions of northeast of Syria from the consequences of the Act, but their strategy for this exemption is not yet clear, so we ask them to open the door of Tal Koçber and companies that invest in the region must enter to help them, and the materials here must be able to be exported and invested. “

The measures that must be taken so that people are not harmed

As for the wheat crop, she said that the price of wheat will be fixed according to the “dollar” and there are efforts to raise the price of wheat, to help farmers.

She pointed out that there are consumer societies that will sell the items at a wholesale price, in the areas of the Autonomous Administration. As for the prices of basic materials such as bread, fuel oil and others, they will not be raised in order to mitigate the consequences of Caesar’s Act.

Fuel and bread prices will remain the same

She added that before the Corona crisis, the administration had allocated a budget for the region in all service areas, but they stopped and gave priority to healthcare.

And she added: “The decrease in oil prices affected the resources and budget of the administration, and it is not responsible for the low price of oil and the Syrian pound, but for the basic resources of the administration will be secured to people such as wheat, oil, livestock and vegetables. “


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