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Yezidi Women Union liken occupation crimes to the brutality of ISIS mercenaries

The Yezidi Women Union likened the crimes of the Turkish occupation against women to the brutality of ISIS mercenaries during their attack on Şengal, and said in a statement that the international community must act and open an international investigation of the violations suffered by women in occupied Afrin.

The statement was read today, in the Arabic and Kurdish languages, by the two members of the Yezidi Women Union Orivan Manan and Maryam Jendo, a banner reading “No to violations, torture and kidnapping of women.” Was held in the gathering.

The text of the statement read:

“More than two years after the Turkish occupation and its militia have occupied the city of Afrin, these mercenaries, funded by Turkey, continue to commit the most horrific crimes against civilians, their property and their sanctities, because they refused to leave their land and remained attached to it.

They carry out a clear and public transgression of all international covenants, and moral values ​​and carry out genocide and criminal practices, such as displacement, kidnapping, killing, executions, and home burning, in addition to the violations and abuses of women’s right to unethical treatment that is a disgrace to humanity, which is what has been done (8) Kurdish women were being held by the so-called Al-Hamzat division, a faction of the Turkish state.

We, the Yazidi Women Union and the Yazidi Federation in Afrin, condemn and denounce in the strongest terms these actions and hold the Turkish state and Russia responsible for what is happening against these women, and at the same time we appeal to all human rights organizations and feminist movements in the world and all United Nations organizations, Russia and the United States of America to carry out their responsibilities before the opinion The global year, and work to make clear public positions about what is going on.

We demand the necessity of conducting an international investigation and holding those responsible for these violations accountable, because the whole world is indebted to the heroism and sacrifices made by women in Afrin and in northern and eastern Syria against the terrorist organization ISIS and Turkey’s mercenaries, and advocates of women’s freedom and human rights should take urgent action against what is happening to condemn these violations by Turkish state and its mercenaries. “


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