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We must join efforts to make the Kurdish unity initiative succeed

On Friday, the Kurdish Forces Union in Rojava organized a lecture about the overall developments on the political and military levels on the Syrian arena, especially in the regions of north and east Syria, in addition to the ways to unify the Kurdish Political Movement’s speech in Rojava.

The commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces launched an initiative to unify the Kurdish rank, and the Autonomous Administration responded to it by creating the atmosphere and allowing the unlicensed parties of the Kurdish National Council to open their offices in the regions of north and east Syria without the need for a license. The Syrian Democratic Forces also opened an investigation to uncover the fate of the detainees and missing persons.

Dozens of Qamishlo people, representatives of the political parties and a number of intellectuals participated in the lecture organized today at Mohammed Sheikho Center for Culture and Art in Qamishlo, north and east Syria.

The lecture touched on the overall political and military developments on the Syrian territories, as it was delivered by the official of the Democratic Union Party’s External Relations Saleh Muslim, while another lecture was delivered by the secretary of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria Mohammed Musa about the ways of unifying the Kurdish Political Movement’s speech.

For his part, Saleh Muslim pointed out at the beginning of his speech that the Kurdish people were used by the hostile regimes for their cause as fuel for their wars, and then eventually left them without obtaining the most basic rights.

Muslim explained that the conflict among the parties in Syria is a struggle for power. He said: “What we have done in north and east Syria is that we have organized ourselves with the other components living with us, and we have established our project and administration organized from all sides. Our project can solve the crisis all over Syria.”

Muslim added: “We organized our military force, faced the terrorist factions that the armies of the world could not stand before, and confronted them until they were defeated.” He added: “We do not demand much. We have our Autonomous Administration that protects the rights of all the components that have come together, and we only want for everyone to live in freedom, peace and brotherhood.”

Saleh Muslim confirmed that they are not seeking to divide Syria, and he said: “We are not separatists, nor saboteurs according to some Syrian parties accusation. On the contrary, we preserved and still preserving the Syrian unity from separation, division and occupation.”

Muslim stressed that any solution to the Syrian crisis must guarantee decentralization to Syria and the necessity of safeguarding the status and specificity of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The official of the External Relations of the Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim expressed their openness and willingness to dialogue, and made clear that the Syrian regime still clings to its exclusionary authoritarian mentality.

For his part, the secretary of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria Mohammed Musa discussed the initiatives that were previously launched to unify the Kurdish forces, and some of the reasons for their failure and political backgrounds.

He affirmed that most of the regional and global powers interfering in the region try to exterminate the Kurdish people under various names and seek to dominate, occupy the land of the Kurds and expel them as Turkey is doing today.

He pointed to many initiatives that were put forward during the Syrian crisis, especially the initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress, Rojava branch and the lack of participation of some political parties in it. He also praised the initiative of the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces and his endeavor to achieve the Kurdish national unity.

Mohammed Musa welcomed the opening of the Kurdish National Council’s parties to their offices in Kobanê city, and hoped that it would be a step to build confidence.

At the end of his speech, Mohammed Musa called on all Kurdish political parties to get closer to the initiative with seriousness and responsibility to make it succeed.


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