Umer :’No solution is possible without the involvement of the autonomous administration’

 the co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, Ebdulkerîm Umer,spoke to ANHA about the Syrian constitutional committee announced by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

“unfortunately this committee will fail like all the committees established before during the Syrian crisis,” he said.

He stressed that the non-inclusion of the Autonomous Administration in the constitutional committee would mean working for a constitution far from democracy.

“Kurds and the peoples under the Autonomous Administration – he said – have cleared 30 percent of Syria from terrorism. We also know that no agreement has been reached on international and local displaced people. This will actually extend the life of the Syrian crisis.”

Umer said the committee was only established to save time. He pointed out that they do not have to stick to the results of a constitutional work in which they are not included, and added that the Autonomous Administration position was conveyed to all the competent authorities.

‘No solution is possible without the involvement of the autonomous administration’

Umer pointed out that the visits of foreign delegations to the region have increased recently and said that the constitutional committee was the main issue in the meetings held with each delegation. “We told everyone that it is not possible to solve the Syrian crisis without the inclusion of the autonomous administration.”

‘The crisis cannot be solved by these methods’

Umer added that of course the non inclusion of the autonomous administration was related to the veto imposed by Turkey. “The Syrian crisis can not be solved by this method. No matter what you do, a constitution in which the opinion of all Syrian peoples is not taken will remain incomplete.”

Umer stressed that as the Autonomous Administration, they will always continue to purse dialogue and a peaceful solution for Syria.


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