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The youth of the Democratic Union give rise to a spirit of cooperation among the members of society

The initiative of the youth of the Democratic Union Party to activate cooperation and fraternity between members of society in the north and east of Syria, through undertaking initiatives and campaigns to carry out agricultural activities such as planting trees, cleaning gardens and harvesting agricultural crops (cumin).

Members of the party and the youth participated in these actions during the past month.

In the city of Qamishlo, dozens of trees participated in planting trees. Cumin was also harvested a few days ago.

Also in the city of Amouda, Darbasiyah, Hassakeh, and other cities and regions in the island region, north and east Syria.

The goal of the youth in this campaign was to create a spirit of cooperation among the community and encourage farmers and families to take care of the environment and nature and preserve it.

The youth emphasized that they will work with all their energies to preserve society and spread a culture of tolerance and democracy.



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