The PYD’s Youth condemns the heinous crime committed against the young Barish Jacan

 The PYD youth issued a statement to the public opinion denouncing the crime committed against the young Barish Jacan, which is considered horrible legal and humanitarian and a repression of freedom and democracy, and appealed to the youth all parts of Kurdistan to be a real force against all forms of terrorism, racism and dictatorship, and the following is the text of the statement :

At a time when the authorities of the AKP Party and the MHP in Turkey are committing crimes and methods of racism and discrimination and violating political freedoms, freedom of expression and faith against entire societies in North Kurdistan and restricting freedom of expression and the right to express their opinion, in northern Kurdistan committed the most heinous murders against Kurdish youth . Just because they express their existence and preserve their identity from their culture and music. The hand of terrorism and treachery extended to the body of an innocent young man, who breathes freedom and loves music in his resonant language, Kurdish music.

Has Turkish terrorism reached this personal and racial limit against the Kurds!

 But it is not uncommon for the AKP Government, which practices terrorism throughout the Middle East, to the right of the people of the region in general to also practice this terrorism inside Turkey Because the results of its barbaric foreign policies that dominate the peoples of the region will certainly generate such policies of racism against the Kurds and those who demand democracy and freedom. It is a violent and terrorist policy against democracy and those demanding human rights.

We, the Youth Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), condemn in the strongest terms and sentences this heinous crime against the young Parish Jacan who used to represent the youth demanding the freedom of man with his beliefs and his way of living in dignity and freedom against all methods of pressure, terrorism and violence.

We will always be advocates of democracy, strength of will and determination, and we will be like fire that will burn all racist fascist tyrants.

 Young Barish is a martyr of Kurdish music, civilization and democracy in the face of fascist terrorism.

We also call on all youth in all parts of Kurdistan to assume their responsibilities in defending the freedom of the Kurdish people in front of the fascism of Erdogan and his terrorist party, which is trying to suppress and extinguish all candles of freedom and democracy in various ways. Therefore, we as a youth must form a real force against all forms of terrorism, racism and dictatorship, and we defend The achievements of our people and freedom to live in democracy, dignity and freedom.

PYD’s Youth Council

June 2, 2020

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