The (KSP) congratulates the joint leadership of our party on their election to the eighth conference

On Monday (2 March 2020), the co-chairs of our Democratic Union Party (PYD) Aisha Hasso and Anwar Muslim received in their headquarters in the city of Qamishlo a delegation from the Kurdistan Green Party (KSP) who congratulated their victory on the eighth conference and their election as co-chairs of the party.

The delegation included: “The two co-presidents of the Green Party of Kurdistan, LuQman Ahmi and Rasha Abbas, and members of the General Council, Suleiman Ahmi and Daulat Yusef.”

During the visit, the Kurdish Greens congratulated the success of the eighth Congress of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), and the election of Aisha Hasso and Anwar Muslim to head the party.

This confirmed the two sides the need to work to consolidate and develop the work of Democratic Autonomy Department as a project that achieves to all components their rights as well as the possibility of adopting it to solve issues in Syria.

The two parties focused on the need to take care of the ecological aspect and support democratic administration in northeastern Syria in this regard, in order to achieve an ethical ecological society.

The two parties stressed the importance of national unity, especially in this stage of crisis in the region, which is one of the root crises, and that national unity is sufficient to respond to all the risks to the Kurds, land and people.

It is worth noting that our Democratic Union Party held its eighth regular conference under the slogan (With the Democratic Union, we defeat the occupation, develop the democratic administration and build a democratic Syria) throughout Monday and Tuesday (24-25 February 2020) at the Aram Decran Center for Culture and Art in the affiliate town of Rumailan -Qamishlo district in Al-Jazeera region, with the presence of more than 600 members, in addition to political and social parties, personalities, and tribal elders from all components of society in North and East Syria and institutions of independent Democratic Autonomy Department.


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