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The headlines of Turkish terrorism in northern Syria.. killing, looting and demographic change

The Turkish occupation army has settled thousands of terrorist mercenaries in the villages of Afrin district, the cities of Srikanie and Tel Abyad, in a continuation of supporting terrorism and prolonging the conflict in Syria.

With the escalation of the battles in Idlib, northern and western Aleppo, Turkey transferred thousands of mercenaries and their families to the Kurdish areas under its occupation in northern Syria, from which its residents were displaced, and thousands of mercenary terrorists were brought to it under the name of the national army, most of whom were from the defeated ISIS and the Al-Nusra , and that Within the framework of the demographic change process practiced by the Turkish state in northern Syria.

Since the occupation of Afrin in the month of March of 2018, hundreds of thousands of indigenous people of Afrin have been displaced, and the Turkish army has brought terrorists to it.

 The areas where the terrorists were transferred:

– The town of Shira. The Turkish occupation army settled 84 mercenary families on February 18 in the village of Maarska, and in the village of Mariamin, more than 2,200 mercenary terrorists were resettled.

In the villages of Afrin, the occupation army settled 69 mercenaries on February 19 in the village of Trinda, in addition to settling about 100 mercenaries in the village of Maratah.

The Turkish occupation also settled about 60 mercenaries in the village of Mulla Khalil in the town of Jandarisah.

In the Shirawa district, approximately 1,250 mercenaries were settled in the village of Ghazawiya, in addition to 500 terrorist mercenaries near the village of Isca, and about 560 mercenaries were settled in an area between the villages of Ghazawiya and Burj Abdlo.

For its part, Amnesty International documents the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Srilanie, Gri Sibi and Afrin.

In this regard, Amnesty International recently released its annual report, highlighting the violations committed by the Turkish occupation army and terrorist mercenaries, during the military attack on northeastern Syria and their occupation of each of the cities Afrin, Sri Kania / Ras al-Ain and Gri Sibei / Tel Abyad.

The organization’s report documented the killing of 180 civilians between October 29 and October at the hands of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Amnesty International also described the attacks launched by Turkey on the ninth of October of last year in the residential areas as “indiscriminate” and that they targeted civilian homes, schools and bakeries.

The report stated that the Turkish occupation provided support to mercenary terrorist groups in the city of Afrin to rob the homes and property of the migrant population.

The organization stated that the UN investigation committee, in turn, confirmed that the majority of the people of Afrin city had paid money as financial ransom to these groups to recover their stolen property, as well as paying olive farmers taxes to terrorists.

The international organization stressed that the mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation are responsible for about forty-five cases of kidnapping of civilians in order to collect financial ransoms from their families, as a punishment for them to claim their property, or claim that they belong to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

In addition to looting and stealing antiquities, civilian terrorists are killed almost daily.


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