The 3rd Approach, Human Body & Productive Force

We are in a delicate phase, and the situation in Syria and in western Kurdistan in particular has become the focus of the attention of the whole world, it seems that some did not pay attention to the seriousness of this sensitive station, and that the future of Syria and the future of peoples and components attracted agendas and ambitions at the expense of the fabric of society.

As for what has been achieved under the democratic project, it cannot be considered as normal in the life of the peoples of the Middle East, it is an exception and circumstance in the path of a special station that requires rally to build the foundations and strengthen the framework, and a station to serve and rule communities without address. This is not confined to one side or another without a party, and recognizing the primacy of community interest over all other accounts. This came not by chance, but came on the coffins and the blood of the martyrs, and here we must keep up with this project and all projects of democratic solutions as they are paths and major shifts in the level of cultures and civilizations…

We raised the banner of democracy through the project of the democratic nation on the basis of the peoples’ fraternity and coexistence. The Kurds and all other components in Syria, the protection of these gains and the defense of the project is the responsibility of all Syrian components today.

The next stage would be more important and sensitive to us and to all components of North and East of Syria, the Kurdish people must continue its struggle and must organize its free will well and must defend its legitimize rights, we must be ready to anything and trust in our defense system so that we can make progress.

As for the unity of the Kurdish class, the unity of the people and the Kurdish class can be achieved by resisting the occupation and protecting the gains, and thus reaching the achievement of the Kurdistan National Congress, and we appeal to all Kurdish political parties to support and preserve the gains of the Kurdish people in Western Kurdistan. Standing with our people in Afrin who is facing injustice, violations and inhuman practices and considering the liberation of Afrin as a priority.

In this context, we are ready for dialogue with all parties and are open to a solution based on our gains, and we are doing our best to solve all the problems.

Our democratic policy towards Syria and the region should have been clarified by influencing world and regional public opinion and clarified to intellectuals and politicians and to all political parties and all segments of society. Our policy now resonates well with the countries of the world, and we have relations with all parties according to our diplomacy, which is always going according to the current stage and circumstances while preserving the gains of our revolution.


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