Terrorism and Control methods

There is no doubt that culture as a psychological intellectual system is one of the most important weapons and the most effective means in facing terrorism, as it is the same weapon that terrorist groups use to attract their audiences and expand their base, so drying terrorism from its roots depends on this method, and it is also considered at the same time the first and last defense line to protect Society from any external intellectual intrusion that affects its authentic culture, this intrusion often carries in its essence the seeds of domination that grow and multiply on the flatness of the mind, so they become a part or cultural heritage but different from the authentic culture of the place that is recognized in the general social milieu.

Here, the negative behavior in the extraneous culture becomes an integral part of the intellectual system. Acts of terrorism such as killing, robbery and plunder are justified under several arguments based mainly on falsifications and ideological texts for a group that found itself during a certain historical stage that it is incomplete and there is no way for it to emerge from its recession and deficiency except with different actions based on the principle “Otherwise known”.

Of course, this anomaly in thought and culture constituted a suitable opportunity for the power class who found in the armies and mobilization of this ideology “culture” a means of domination and expansion in the influence of their rule over the largest geographical area, and as a result of that human history witnessed wars and destructive battles that in turn formed an intellectual and cultural basis for the current wars In other words, acts of murder, criminality, displacement, and exile of the other have become part of the system of the state and the authority and have been legislated by texts and laws.

The wars that were fought under several names in the ancient epochs and centuries (conquest, liberation, and proselytizing …), repeat themselves today according to the same cultural system as a basis for the current terrorism, but they have evolved and increased their effects in light of the permissibility of the minds of societies by the modernist regimes, both religious and national, especially with the development Technology of means of communication and communication, so that this phenomenon becomes accessible to gay people, and to multiply in environments besieged by ignorance practices from all sides and at all levels, to become easy prey and cheap tools for the terrorist cultural complex.

Al-Qaeda organization, for example, was not born out of a vacuum, but had buried roots and an intellectual base from which it had emerged. If we had looked closely at the environment in which it appeared, we would have found it to be an environment that has become devoid of any civilized cultural aspects, an environment that has been dominated by twists and twists and deviations from religion, not to mention intellectual poverty. And the economic and political residents of those environments (South and East Asia and South Africa, just to mention a few) to become, within a short time, one of the most exported places of the world to terrorism.

The other side in the growth of terrorism and its cultural reproduction relates to the exploitation of modernity systems for this ideology and that environment to serve its goals and agendas. Of course, this does not mean that urbanized regions did not witness instances of extremism that may not have been religious in the first place but they did form a terrorist culture similar to the terrorist culture based on religion Or race.

History has always witnessed how the regimes relied on groups with extremist ideas to eliminate revolutions and popular rebellions until these groups became one of the means of the regimes to consolidate the influence of the pillars of their authority and stabilize the pillars of their rule; the military apparatus that they owned could no longer control them, or they She was not subject to her directly, for example.

Perhaps this convergence in extremism between the authority and terrorist groups has contributed to strengthening the two parties, at a time when extremist fundamentalists find themselves as the holders of the truth and that the violence they believe in is part of the truth (slaughtering the head, cutting off the limbs, flogging, burning …) and so on from criminal acts And that whoever replaces it is considered an anomaly that requires punishment, the beneficiaries work to feed these fundamentalisms and employ them by various means to serve their ends, as the ruling regime also finds itself that whoever thinks of it intellectually and culturally is an enemy that must be eliminated, and that the only legitimacy of the state is the ruling system and this matter has evolved with the birth Nationalist regimes.

In Syria and Iraq (Bilad al-Sham), Al-Qaeda has witnessed its best era since its inception in the world as a terrorist organization that uses a culture of terrorism as an approach in consolidating the foundations of its rule on a geographical spot that has a religious and national sanctity, and thanks to the support of the ruling regimes, it was able to establish a state whose pillars were terrorism as an occupying culture of the place. Through violence and excessive violence, the organization was able to construct its terrorist-based system in word and deed.

The intention here is that the culture of terrorism created by al-Qaeda has developed rapidly over time, in connection with the events of political life that have swept the place in which it has emerged strongly, as it has transformed the culture into extremism and then terrorism.

There is no doubt that this accelerated development that occurred with al-Qaeda in the Levant after 2003 and until recently before the demise of the organization as a military force and the demolition of the alleged pillars of its state by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the thing that enabled this accelerated rise is the popular ideological, religious and political environment in that geographical spot Which was subject to the domination of the Ba’athist nationalist thought, which worked for a long period of time to create an extremist environment on a national basis after emptying the Arab culture from its original content, not to mention the state of poverty and systematic ignorance that led the situation to what it reached with the emergence of al-Qaeda as a cultural alternative. Cree and economical.

There is no doubt that the demise of the organization as a military force constitutes the largest step in the framework of the international campaign to eradicate terrorism, but this does not mean that the ideology and culture of terrorism go to extinction, especially in the Middle East, which has become an incubator of terrorism and with what we see as an international rapprochement of fabricated issues and crises in the Middle East, as well The absence of a specific definition is intellectual and cultural.

By-DOST Mirkhan


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