Sixteen Years of Struggle

The organized people are capable of imposing their will and achieving their goals in the free and dignified life that every society and every individual aspires to. The political party is capable of organizing the ranks of the people and leading them in the struggle towards achieving the goals of societies. That was the formula on which our party(PYD) was founded on September 20, 2003. We did not hesitate to make any sacrifice to reach an ethical-political society.
Our party was founded in the early volcano of the Middle East, and rose the banner of struggle in the darkest circumstances, where it passed its first exam in Serhldan Qamishlo (Qamishilo uprising), but the price was high from the blood of martyrs such as comrade Abu Judi, comrade Shilan, Fouad, Zakaria, Jamil, Joan and others comrades, such as Osman Dadali, Issa Hasso, Khaled Kotieh, and dozens of martyrs who have lit the path of our struggle in the Syrian people’s revolution till now.
Our party believed in the democracy of the people and worked with it and never satisfied with the herding society that the authoritarian authorities want, and adopted the democratic autonomous administration in its third conference in 2007. During the Syrian people’s revolution, the third approach was adopted based on the people’s potential, and it adopted the pioneering role of youth and women to assume the historical role in achieving the social revolution and adopted the principle of co-presidency in its organizations in its fifth conference in 2012. it contributed to the organization of society for itself, including legitimate self-defense, which led to the arrival of an organized society capable of defending itself and defeat the most brutal and reactionary terrorist organizations, so that our society has become a cornerstone in the equations of the region and became an example for the Middle East societies that aspire to emancipation and a dignity life.
Our party did not aim at achieving partisan interests at any time but considered the difference of ethnic and ideological affiliations in society as richness and adherence to its originality, rather than being a cause of disagreement and conflict as the tyrants want. This is why we have contributed to building all the community institutions effectively in the issuance of laws governing the affairs of society to become a society of established institutions.
We in PYD in all its organizations, congratulate our society and ourselves on what we have been able to accomplish in our 16-year struggle and look forward to achieving more in our seventeenth year following the path of our righteous martyrs, we renew the pledge to follow their path to achieve their goals in achieving the democratic nation and the peoples’ fraternity to turn our into a community to a garden rich in colors .
 PYD General Council

 September 19-2019            


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