Sinam: Senators’ Stances Were in Full Conformity with SDC’s Vision

According to NP Agency, Sinam Muhammad, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) envoy to Washington DC, said the senators’ stances were in full conformity with the vision of the SDC, as they find it unrealistic to remove the political arm of those who defeated the Islamic State (ISIS) from the constitutional committee. Earlier on Monday the 23th of September, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres announced the formation of the Constitutional Committee, after 20 months of attempts.

The Constitutional Committee comprises of 150 persons, 50 of whom were chosen by the Syrian government, 50 by the Syrian opposition (basically based in Turkey), and the rest by the United Nations as “representatives of the civil society”.

The Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria has issued a statement on September the 26th, indicating that “the results of the Constitutional Commission do not concern us, while taking into account Turkey’s sensitivity, which has exceeded Syria’s internal stability”.

“The exclusion of the political arm of the only forces who fought and defeated the Islamic State in the Syrian territories is unrealistic and illogical”, Ms. Muhammad told North-Press. “Our friends in the Senate promised to push for a fairer Syrian solution for all its components, in a way that would make the 5 million people of north and eastern Syria politically represented in any future visions for the country”, Muhammad added.


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