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Saleh Muslim: Serious steps toward the Syrian solution begin with the formal recognition of Democratic Autonomy Department

The Kurdish people in Syria are pursuing the talks aimed at uniting the Kurdish political parties in Rojava in northern Syria in the hope of achieving this at the utmost speed, and the indicators indicate progress in these discussions, as well as the Syrian crisis entered an important stage with the emergence of some international consensus that gives hope for a solution The Syrian crisis and ending the suffering of the Syrian people.

To talk about this and some other developments on the Syrian scene, the official website of the Democratic Union Party held a dialogue with (Saleh Muslim), a member of the Presidency of the Democratic Union Party, PYD, and this text of the dialogue:

Where have the talks reached between you and the Kurdish National Council (ENKS)?

The talks are now in a break, and it seems that the delegation of the Kurdish National Council ENKS needs some consultations, and I think that a week ago they consulted with each other, then they went to Hawler, perhaps to meet with some parties that were not present here; To reach a certain point on these discussions that are taking place.

Of course, on our part, we hope that these discussions will resume again and soon.

It is reported in the media that the initiative launched by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (Mazloum Abdi) to unify the Kurdish ranks in Syria has American and French support; What are these two countries seeking to achieve through this?

Regardless of this support, we, as a Kurdish people and Kurdish political forces in Syria, need this unity, and there have been many attempts to achieve this, the latest of which is the oppression of my servant. If the Kurdish national unity is now supported and supported by some friendly forces, this is not love or support for the Kurds (For the sake of the dark eyes of the Kurds), it has its interests, and we have our interests, and it seems that our common interests converge at this point (the unity of the Kurdish class) at this stage, and this helps us in reuniting the Kurdish class, which is what we seek not only now but for dozens The years, and if there are parties that see their interest through the unity of the Kurdish class, then we are ready

What are those interests of these countries regarding the unity of unify the Kurdish?

We do not know, they are planning and knowing, and all we know is that there is some support from them to achieve the unity of the Kurdish class and not its desperation, and certainly they have their plans and goals after achieving what they seek, and we have our analyzes and expectations at this stage, and we can meet for the unity of the Kurdish class and this We are glad.

Will achieving Kurdish unity lead to formal recognition of Democratic Autonomy Department for northern and eastern Syria?

We have established and established this administration and its institutions, and we consider it a prototype for Syria and even for the Middle East, and of course we seek formal recognition of it within the components of the Syrian people and within the Syrian opposition in the hope that this model will expand to be a model for the Syrian solution, and for this there must be a form of recognition and not as a separate recognition of Syria, but rather as part of a future Syria, is part of a decentralized Syria, and that Democratic Autonomy Department is recognized as the Syrian opposition was recognized previously, and we believe that after recognition of this administration as part of the Syrian opposition and part of Syria, serious steps toward the Syrian solution will begin.

 It is rumored in the media that the Syrian regime is heading towards change through several scenarios published by media websites. What do you think of this?

We do not know anything about this, but it is known that there are international forces on the Syrian soil – Russian, American, Turkish and Iranian – and there is also an international coalition to fight ISIS, and there is a conflict between these forces, and the Syrian regime has responded to this reality by dealing with two forces (Russian and Iranian) The two that came to protect this regime, and we know that there are contradictions between Russian and Iranian interests in Syria, and therefore we do not exclude that there will be conflicts within the Syrian regime as well, but to what extent? Near or far, or what will result in? We do not know that, and we expect that these pressures will either be for a positive regime change that will lead to a solution to the Syrian crisis, or aim to banish some parties to the regime, and these are our analyzes of that.

What will the fate of the occupied territories be (Afrin, Srê Kaniyê) and (GIRê Sbi), when achieving Kurdish national unity?

We believe that achieving the unity of the Kurdish class is enough to solve all the issues related to the Kurdish people in Rojava, North and East Syria, we have our projects and plans, we have friends and enemies and there are hostile plans for us, and what we seek is to achieve civil peace in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and the liberation of the occupied areas is One of our priorities as a party and as a Democratic Autonomy Department, but the priority is to achieve the unity of the Kurdish class, because it will contribute very positively to the liberation of these areas. These arguments and excuses will disappear, and support and support will increase from the friends of the Kurdish people. As for the components that we coexist with, including Arabs, Syrians, and others, the unity of the Kurdish class will also be in their favor as much as they are for the benefit of the Kurdish people. Against the other components, as happened in the massacres of the Armenians, Syrians, and Sifu at the beginning of the twentieth century, but when the Kurdish class is committed, there will be those who deter these so that they are not tools In the hands of others to use against the Kurdish people and against other components, and for this I believe that most of those who support the unity of the Kurdish class are our brothers.

What is the Russian position on the talks to unify the Kurdish political parties?

The Russians are in Syria to protect the Syrian regime, and they have not taken a position on these discussions, and they are trying to harness all their initiatives and discussions to serve this goal (protecting the system), and no position has been issued against them for these discussions, and we hope that they do not hinder the achievement of the unity of the Kurdish class, because we believe that The unity of the Kurdish class will be in their interest as well.

Are there channels of communication between the Democratic Autonomy Department and the Syrian regime regarding the negotiations?

Democratic Autonomy Department officially stated that the regime declared its unwillingness to discuss and negotiate with Democratic Autonomy Department during this period, and this means that the talks have stopped.

Caesar’s law is scheduled to be passed next month, which will target anyone dealing with the Syrian regime. How will the autonomous regions of northern and eastern Syria be distanced from the effects of this law, as the US administration has stated?

Caesar’s law is somewhat vague, it provides for punishment of the Syrian regime and who deals with it, and we as a party and self-administration in our meetings and endeavors with the American administration have informed us that our regions should not be affected by the effects of this law, and they promised us to do so, and yesterday there were statements from Some American officials say that Caesar’s law will not include the areas of Democratic Autonomy Department, but we do not know how. We deal in the Syrian currency and we still do so, so how will our regions be excluded? We do not know, and we wish that all Syrian people would not be harmed by such a law, and that all civilians and civil institutions throughout Syria should be excluded from the effects of these sanctions, but the sanctions in many cases do not separate what serves civilians and what serves the system, so There must be damage, and we hope that it will have few effects on our areas.

What is your interpretation or reading of a joint American-Russian patrol touring the (Allian) regions for the first time, despite the contradictions between the two powers in Syria?

Indeed, it is strange that a joint American-Russian patrol toured a certain area of ​​Syria for the first time, perhaps this indicates the importance of that region and the intensity of the ongoing conflict there, and the superpowers agree in some areas and contradict in other regions, and this indicates compatibility between the two forces in that region Either it is to protect that region, or it is against any Turkish aggression, or it is for something else, and this will be revealed in the coming days, but what we are sure of is that there are consensus between the superpowers in some Syrian regions according to a specific scheme, and we hope that these consensus will be in Serve the Syrian people.


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