PYD’s Executive Board: Turkey is the biggest threat to Syria

The PYD’s executive Board emphasized that Turkey poses the greatest threat to Syria and hinders a political solution, and the commission has insisted on the need to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis

This came in a statement issued by the Democratic Union Party after a meeting in which they discussed the political situation in Syria and the Middle East.

The text of the communication, which was published on the official page of the Democratic Union Party

To the public opinion

The Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party held its regular periodic meeting on the date of 222020 at the center of the party, and dealt with the latest political developments.

The rapid developments in Syria and the region illustrate the depth of the crisis experienced by the regimes, as well as show the will of the people to achieve change and get out of the political, economic and social crises worsening in all countries of the region, especially as we live in conditions of World War III, and this war is particularly concentrated in the Middle East, so We believe that the current conflicts in the region have internal dimensions and external influences, whether regional or international. ”

The report pointed to the Turkish interference in the internal affairs of the countries of the region, “What is most recent in the current conflict in the Middle East, is the widening scope of the conflict in more than one country, especially Turkish interventions in the affairs of the countries of the interior region, and the fueling of conflicts in them that clarifies the Turkish ambitions and intellectual fascist ruling, and what It carries out a policy of extermination towards the indigenous peoples of the region, bringing back to mind the practices of union and advancement in the early twentieth century towards the Armenian, Syriac, Kurdish, Arab and Greek people. The new Ottoman ambitions are a colonial and occupational policy that threatens the peoples of the region in general.

The fascist government in Turkey seeks to establish its feet in the region based on a political alliance with a Turkish national character and political Islam represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, and it uses its mercenaries to achieve its fascist dreams, and this is what we have seen over the years in Syria and now also in Libya.

The communication also mentioned the Turkish involvement in Libya and its support for mercenary groups in the African country. “Turkey is involved in Libya by supporting the government of reconciliation while the European powers stand with the Libyan army, which prompted the parties to organize the Berlin conference, and its decisions were not in favor of Turkey, which continued to provide tools and equipment. For reconciliation, it sends its mercenaries from the Syrian jihadists to support it in defiance of the will and interests of other parties, including Russia, which is compatible with Turkey in Syria and is opposed to it in Libya.

On the US strategy in the Middle East, the Democratic Union Party executive said, through its communication, “On the other hand, it appears that the United States is trying to reconsider its strategy towards staying in Iraq and Syria, especially after the sites that Russia gained after the decision to suddenly withdraw from northern and eastern Syria, and the implications of the assassination “Qasim Soleimani” and the reactions issued by the Iraqi Shiites and the request of the Iraqi parliament to withdraw the American forces from Iraq, and this means the beginning of a new stage in the American-Iranian conflict, and if it does not develop into a direct war at the present time, but it will continue in various forms, and what This topic in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria shows us a lot of facts. ”

The commission considered the Turkish state the greatest threat to Syria and the endeavors to get out of the crisis. “As for Syria, Turkey remains the biggest threat, and hinders the political solution in Syria, whether through its support for mercenaries in Idlib, and its failure to adhere to the agreements it signed with Russia, or through policies of change. The demographic practiced by it in Afrin, Sri kaniye, and Tal Abyad, and violations continue against civilians, and Turkey is trying to persuade the world to help it achieve its goals by exploiting the issue of Syrian refugees, and continues to threaten Europe in particular, with regard to Idlib, the initiative of the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces in The acceptance of the displaced is important and necessary to preserve the lives of civilians, but the world also has to see the suffering of from Idlib, Afrin, Sri kaniyea, Tal Abyad and others, and work to provide the necessary help and assistance for democratic self-management because it is a burden that exceeds its capacity, but unfortunately we see that The United Nations took an unfair decision to close the crossings from which humanitarian aid was arriving in northern and eastern Syria, and this requires a speedy solution, in addition to the fact that the Turkish state’s threats continue against northern and eastern Syria and this threatens stability in the region and deepens the humanitarian crisis For a large. ”

The commission insisted on the necessity of searching for political ways to solve the existing crisis in Syria. “On the other hand, our meeting stressed the necessity of insisting on political ways and democratic means through dialogue, whether at the level of promoted Ava or at the level of Syria in general, and war always has catastrophic results, and what Our people are subjected to genocidal policies, especially by Turkish fascism, which requires us to unite ranks and work to overcome differences and think about how to confront the risks and occupation and liberate the occupied areas, and to move Syria forward towards a decentralized democratic system.

The party called on the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria to search for solutions to the economic crisis, “the economic situation in the country deteriorates rapidly and with the implementation of the Caesar Law passed by the United States of America, the economic crisis will increase, and this is what hurts the people in the first place, so it requires the democratic self-administration to search for solutions and means to alleviate The severity of the crisis in northern and eastern Syria.

Qamishlo 5-2-2020

“PYD”Executive Board.


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