PYD Women’s Organization in Germany Holds Series of Meetings

The PYD Women’s Organization in Germany organized series of meetings under the slogan “For Change and Freedom, Rise up,” on Sunday, September 1, where it toured Baden-Württemberg, including Freiburg and Bodensee. The member of the party coordinator in Europe, comrade Zouzan Dirki, met with a number of families to get acquainted with their situation and deal with all the social issues and difficulties they face in Europe.

They discussed the social situation of families, especially the situation of women who face difficulties in all aspects of life, especially the domination and influence of capitalist systems and the European routine on the family and the consequences that may lead to the collapse of the family sometimes fall prey to the fangs of decay and cultural and social fusion catastrophic effects on children.

The tour also included extended meetings for both women and men, and discussed the political situation and developments in the region and the stage at all levels.

In these meetings, Dirki touched on the positive role of women and her heroics in the Rojava Revolution, following the heroine martyr Arin Mirkan and Suzdar Avista, and commemorating the championships of dozens of heroic women who were able to change the authoritarian mentality embodied in the patriarchal mentality adopted by some men affected by a set of values ​​and traditions.

Dirki also stressed many points in which she appealed to all women to do their utmost to meet the challenges facing our society and to enjoy the spirit of looking to the horizon to realize the hopes of thousands and even millions of women who aspire to live freely and in peace and to change this difficult reality that our society is going through.

The families thanked the PYD Women’s Organization for this initiative, which would increase the interdependence between the Kurdish community in Europe and their political movement and thus maintain contact with the country of Rojava and its culture and language.


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