PYD in Berlin Holds its Regular Meeting


PYD held its monthly organizational meeting in Berlin on Monday September 9th in the presence of comrade Abdulsalam Mustafa, the Party’s official in Europe, comrade Aachen Glo, Women’s Organization official, and comrade Khabat Shaker, the party’ official in Germany.

Then comrade Abdulsalam began to explain the latest developments in the political arena in the region and Syria, and touched on the subject of the security mechanism that is being talked about in Northeast Syria and border protection, and pointed to the importance of the unity of the Kurdish position in general and the Kurdish position in Rojava in particular, and ended his explanation on the importance of political and military action to bring Afrin back to Rojava.

She also addressed the importance of developing organizational work and activating the organizational struggle among the Kurdish community and the role of women and youth in this stage.

The meeting lasted for more than five hours during which the comrades discussed all the organizational issues and ways to find the most effective methods in the development of organizational work, the meeting ended with cheers glorified martyrs and valiant forces defending the security and stability of Rojava.


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