Political Trading Means Playing Destiny of Peoples

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) has been in a bitter struggle against the Baathist chauvinism and tyranny of the regime since its inception. The head of the regime has established close relations with the Turkish regime since the beginning of the millennium, although we recognize that the friendship of the leaderships of the two countries is not based on solid foundations or objective conditions, we have been the victim, we paid a high price from the blood of our members for that friendship, which ended with the threat of removing the head of the regime and bringing the modern Janissary army in its new dress (al-Nusra and ISIS) to the Syrian people.

Since the beginning of the popular movement demanding freedom and dignity, we found ourselves at its side because we were most in need of those democratic values and rights, we looked for the forces that we could line up with, and we found in the National Coordinating Committee our demand and thus we became one of the founders of the commission and we chose Mr. Hassan Abdel Azim, who represented the al-Nasri general coordinator of the commission, along with other strugglers with a long tradition against tyranny, especially comrades Abdel Aziz Al Khair and Raja Nasser and others; some of them were martyred, some of them were arrested and some of them are still on the path.

What interests me here is the statements made by Mr. Abdel Azim from time to time against our party, the Syrian Democratic Council, and the rights of the Kurdish people. The late President Jamal Abdel Nasser represented a strategic leadership of the Arab nation, and he saw the Kurdish nation as a natural and historical ally of the Arab nation, he was the first to recognize the Kurds and established a close relationship with the leader of the Kurdish Revolution at the time, Mullah Mustafa Barzani, and encouraged the Kurds to organize their ranks and founded a Kurdish radio broadcast from Cairo because he believes that a free Kurdish identity Kurdish will be a reliable ally of the Arab people in the forest of the Middle East, where are those who claim al-Nasri approach of this strategy?

The first meetings between the Americans and our party were in the offices and conferences of the National Coordination Commission in Damascus and Cairo, where the commission was seeking to establish a relationship with the United States and Western countries that supported the Syrian National Council then the coalition, while Turkey with all its weight opposed any relationship with the commission under the pretext the presence of our party within the body, until the General Coordinator was able to get rid of our party and the elements that have hindered the satisfaction of Turkey and Western countries.

When the armed factions of the National Council and the coalition supported by the Global Coalition emerged out of control with the support of Turkey and became a global threat, the coalition tried to create moderate factions that resist the regime and confront the threat of uncontrolled terrorism, at that point, the Turkish state-controlled all the factions and directed them wherever they wanted and its objectives was the elimination of all Kurdish presence, ISIS was able to control Mosul and committed the massacre of Shingal and spread within Syria from al-Jazeera, while the Syrian Kurdish people resisted in front of the eyes of the world alone without support or even sympathy because of the intense propaganda of Turkey and the opposition submissive to it, where the ISIS was directed against the Kurds in Kobani.

On the other hand, the Global Coalition found the YPG and the YPJ as the solid force it is looking for, because this forces opposed to the regime and courageously confront terrorism, and continues with it to form an anti-terrorist coalition. It was a successful alliance that had won historic victories and was finally able to eliminate ISIS in al-Baguz. In so doing, it has eliminated the threat of global terrorism. And establishing a democratic system with all the components of the region and could serve as a model for a future Syria that all Syrians, including the opposition and the coalition, should seek to establish, including the National Coordinating Body and its general coordinator.

The PYD was a party in this equation and tried to save the National Coordination Commission from its strategic mistakes, but we did not succeed because of its dependence on the slogans of the regime at times and temptations of the coalition, which is related to Turkey, lacking the right vision in assessing the strength and ability of the people in general, and not believing in the potential of the components of the Syrian people In particular, the “Syrian Democratic Council”, of which we are a part and represents all the political forces in northern and eastern Syria, is still knocking on the necessary doors and opening the door for dialogue with all the Syrian parties at home and abroad in order to establish a new Syria in which every Syrian people enjoy their freedom and their ethnic and ideological identity within a decentralized democratic Syria which is the only formula to keep Syria united for all its people and components, because all other formulas have failed.

We in the PYD were independent, we have not called any force to interfere in the Syrian affairs, and we determine our decisions within the framework that we participate in the “Democratic Council of Syria”, and we do not make our decisions based on the dictates of others, but in the conviction that it serves the interests of our Syrian people, without accusations of separatism and dependence abroad, they are false accusations stemming from the inability of the party making the accusations.


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