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Our party youth launches a campaign on social media with the slogan of “Freedom for the Leader of Peoples Ocalan”, on the occasion of his birthday

On Thursday (April 2, 2020), the Democratic Union Party (PYD) youth launched a campaign on social media, by lighting a candle on the birthday of Commander Abdullah Ocalan, Who happens to be on the fourth of April, coinciding with the world’s outbreaks of the Corona epidemic, and the actions taken by the Autonomous Administration North and east Syria are precautionary measures to prevent it.

For its campaign, the youth took the titled “Freedom for the Leader of Peoples_ Ocalan”, accompanied by the hashtag symbol <#>. The slogan “Freedom for Ocalan and all political detainees” is available in the languages: Kurdish, Arabic, Syriac, English, French and Turkish.

The campaign aims to make Commander Ocalan’s birth a symbol of freedom of peoples and humanity.

And called on the youth of the party all supporters of freedom and humanity to participate in the campaign by lighting a candle on the birthday of Commander Ocalan, and depicts it with a video and publishes it on all social networking sites and on their personal and official pages attached to the following slogans below, as an expression of its commitment to freedom leader Abdullah Ocalan.

In this regard, The party’s youth spokesman, Hanan Mamed, said:

“First, we congratulate all humanity on the birth of the leader Ocalan, where the birth of the leader and his political, practical and revolutionary life is considered the main joint and a fundamental turning point in the political, democratic and philosophical and societal direction in the societies of the Middle East. Perhaps the most important question that comes to our imagination is that we always say that the leader Ocalan is the leader of the peoples in the Middle East. And for everyone who considers himself a revolutionary democratic person who opposes all the authoritarian, opportunistic and dictatorial practices of the majority of regional and global regimes towards their peoples and their societal components, for that leader Ocalan is not only a Kurdish leader, but he has fought for Oppressed oppressed peoples that faced tyranny and political and societal injustice.For our “PYD Youth Campaign” campaign, which comes in the context of the ongoing (Berxwdan jiyane) campaign.

As you know, we, as people of all walks of life, celebrate the birth of the leader every year for decades, by holding activities and events and planting trees, because of the leader’s love and reverence for nature. Unfortunately, this year, as you know, due to the current circumstances of the spread of Corona virus in the world and its grave danger to humanity, all occasions and holidays have been canceled by the self-administration in order to preserve the lives and health of the people in northern and eastern Syria.

That is why we, as a youth, have seen us start with a campaign on this occasion with this interactive activity because it has a spiritual and revolutionary meaning by lighting candles in every home or wherever our youth and every person considers himself patriotic, revolutionary and democratic loves the leader philosophy Ocalan. And that the candle is photographed “video” and then posted on social media on their personal pages, as well as published on all official pages, and the largest number of young people and the rest of society are involved.

We have created a hashtag and a text that includes how to work and when to start the campaign, on / 4. From the month of April / in addition to the slogans that we translated into Arabic, English, Syriac, Turkish and French languages ​​to reach a greater number of activists, politicians, activists and media, in addition to all spectrums of our people that include slogans calling for freedom for the leader Ocalan and all political prisoners.

We also hope that everyone publishes the video clip, accompanied with multilingual logos, to celebrate Commander Ocalan’s birthday.

We, the PYD youth, pledge our people to We, the PYD youth, pledge to our people to continue our revolutionary democratic political struggle against all forms of occupation, injustice, exploitation and oppression.

Let us make the birth of Commander Ocalan a symbol of the freedom of peoples and humanity


The campaign includes the following text and hashtag:

# Freedom for the Leader of Peoples – Ocalan

# To make the birth of Commander Ocalan a symbol of the freedom of peoples and humanity

Participated in the PYD Youth Campaign by lighting a candle on the birthday of Commander Ocalan

And photograph it with a video and publish it on all social media sites and on your personal and official pages attached to the multilingual slogans below:

Azadî ji bo Öcalan û hemû girtiyên siyasî

الحرية لأوجلان ولكل المعتقلين السياسيين

Free Öcalan, and All Political Prisoners

Öcalan’a ve Tüm Siyasi Tutsaklara Özgürlük

ܚܐܪܘܬܐ ܠܐܘܓܠܐܢ ܘܠܟܠ ܚܒܝܫ    ̈ܐ ܦܘܠܝܛܝܩܝܐ

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