Koriya: PYD has Important Role in Activating Role of Women in Society

Elisabeth Koriya stressed that the PYD is one of the most important parties in the Syrian political arena.

“Since its establishment, it has set democratic foundations and objectives to achieve justice and equality for all components of the Syrian people, the party’s main objectives are to: turn the system in  Syria into a pluralistic, decentralized democratic system,” she added.

Koriya who is a leader in the Syriac Union Party, completed her speech to the PYD Website on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the establishment of the PYD by saying: The PYD has played an important role since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011 in an attempt to resolve the crisis politically. Internally, it participated and was one of the founders of the national coordinating body that drafted the declaration of dignity and rights, whose objectives were “No to Foreign Interference, No to Sectarianism, No to Tyranny”,  adding: “This party was the first to call for dialogue and political solution.”

Referring to the role of women , Koriya said that PYD supported woman until she proved herself to be able to give her the right of responsibility, until it became established until the concept of the joint presidency between men and women in most political parties, and all institutions of Self-administration, so as to enable women in political decision-making, and activating their role in all areas of life.

At the same time, PYD had a role in establishing the right of legitimate defense, through the participation of all components of Syria, “Arabs, Syrians, Assyrians and Turkmen” to fight the largest terrorist organization against humanity and the peoples’ fraternity of the so-called Daesh terrorist organization.

Koriya said in the same context: In fact, the PYD contributed to the establishment of Self-Administration by 12-1-2014, which came up with a project that serves all Syrians, whose project is based on democracy for all components of the Syrian people, and does not aim to attack anyone from the neighborhood, we find that during the crisis the party played an important role and continues to be open to all to achieve a just solution for all components on the basis of coexistence and the peoples’ fraternity on the principle of democratic nation.

Koriya concluded by saying,” I wish success to all members of the party and to the joint presidency of what is good for the Kurdish people.”



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