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Khabat: New international plans for region, Kurds must unite to obtain gains

The Social Democratic Union Party held for the people of Rubaria Line of Barav region, in the village of Rubaria, within a series of meetings held in the region, to explain and evaluate political events and developments in the region and the world and the Kurdish rapprochement

During the meeting, member of the Democratic Union Party’s Women Council, Nervin Khabat, spoke about the interim projects that the region is going through in the Middle East and Rojava, especially the crises that have emerged in the world as a result of the Corona virus, which paralyzed the movement in all aspects and even the political and economic situation, where she said: “ the Autonomous Administration, despite its capabilities and modernity, has managed to encounter this virus, by forming a crisis cell and the response of the people to the decision of the administration and adherence to the decisions.

She added: “The international plans that divided and occupied the countries for a hundred years, so leader Ocalan has repeatedly stressed during his meeting with his lawyer that the stage the region is going through is a third world war through proxies.”

She also noted that the Syrian crisis entered its tenth year without any solution to the Syrian crisis, except killing and destruction and the establishment of mercenary groups in Syria to split the Syrian society through sectarian fighting.

She said: “The countries participating in the Syrian war, especially Turkey and Russia, aim to eliminate the will of the peoples, and not to serve any people, and their presence on this land for their personal interests, and to control the fate of the peoples.”

She also talked about the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, to unify the Kurdish rank, stressing the need for unity at this stage in northeast of Syria to face of Turkish fascist attacks and their mercenaries, and to preserve the gains of the peoples of northeast of Syria, adding that the participation of all parties in the Kurdish national dialogue will achieve positive results for the Kurdish people.

She continued: “The stage requires everyone to protect the interests of the Kurdish people and the peoples of northern and eastern Syria in general.” Therefore, constructive dialogue between the Kurdish parties at this sensitive stage is a national necessity and a fateful and historic opportunity.

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