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Ilham Ahmed: We will not see a solution soon

The head of the Executive Board of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, considered that the start of a political solution by the Syrian government is a way out to avoid the Syrian people the repercussions of the economic sanctions imposed on Syria.

Ilham Ahmad made the statements during a meeting of the General Council of Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafiyeh neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo, attended by hundreds of members of civil institutions.

Ilham Ahmed expected the continuation of the crisis, and she reduced the possibility of finding a solution in the short term, saying, “We are passing through the stage of the Third World War, so we will not see a solution in the near time, and this situation does not apply to Syria only, but it is an existing international and Middle Eastern situation, and the solution will not appear.” In the short time, it will extend for a long time. ”

Elham Ahmed blamed the global system for the spread of the coronavirus, and continued in this context, “With the spread of the corona pandemic in the countries of the world, many countries suffered from the repercussions of this virus, as they had difficulty stopping this disease and their health and economic systems failed in containing this disease. And this thing affected all the axes of public life, and the main reason for the spread of this disease is the global system itself, in order to know that we are part of this world, and if anything happens we study the prospects of its impact on us. ”

“We can say that the systems formed in the Middle East based on nationalism and racism have reached a field that they cannot continue without change,” she added, criticizing the mindset of the ruling regimes.

Regarding the repercussions of the economic sanctions imposed on Syria, the head of the Executive Body of the SDC stressed that “the people are the most affected by it, despite the fact that the sanctions target the regime, and they are working to force the Syrian regime to accept a political solution to end the Syrian crisis”, adding “and the regime is responsible to start a political solution.”

Ilham Ahmed confirmed that Turkey’s main goal in Syria is to divide the country. “When the Turks found that mercenaries were unable to implement their agendas in the region, they entered directly into Jarablus and al-Bab and occupied Afrin to strike our project as a primary goal.”

Turkey claims to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria, but the reality proves the opposite. Turkish schools open in Jarablus and the demographic change in Afrin confirms that Turkey’s goal is partition.

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