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Hasso: Turkish Invasion Undermines Efforts of Global Coalition, Credibility of UN

In a statement to the PYD website in response to the Turkish invasion of northern and eastern Syria, the PYD’s co-chair Aisha Hasso said that the Global Coalition to Fight ISIS has a detailed option to stand up against the invading Turkish state which undermines the stability and security built by the Global Coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces in a region that has embraced millions of displaced people by eliminating ISIS and other terrorist organizations that Turkey is trying to revive.

Hasso pointed out that the whole world is threatened again by tens of thousands of this fascist organization when they flee from detention centers and prisons in northern and eastern Syria because of the indiscriminate Turkish shelling, which does not differentiate between civilian and military targets or between a bakery and a hospital.

Hasso considered the Turkish invasion a crime of premeditated liquidation of the credibility of the international coalition to fight ISIS in Syria and the United Nations and its relevant laws that respect the territory and sovereignty of neighboring countries and calls for human rights to live in dignity and freedom.

Aisha Hasso said that the moral duty obliges countries that claim and advocate human rights to stand against the Turkish colonial invasion to prevent the commission of genocide or ethnic massacres against all components and peoples of northern and eastern Syria similar to the heinous and criminal Armenian genocide in Turkey in 1915 with false pretexts.


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