Hassan: Liberation of Afrin is our Utmost Priority at 8th Conference 

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Shahouz Hassan said that their main objective in the struggle is to liberate society mentally and spiritually away from the threats of occupation.

Shahouz Hassan said to the Democratic Union newspaper, ” we are now preparing to hold our eighth conference, which we attach great importance, especially in the previous two years, in which the elections of communes and local councils were held, the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria was announced, in addition to the openness to the Syrian opposition by the Syrian Democratic Council, which we part of it, however, was the most important social organization for us, that is, organization based on building an ethical-political society, a democratic society in which women play a leading role and represent 50% representation not only within the party but within all institutions of democratic administration, achieving equality on the ground, on a free basis, because freedom and equality are not separate.

Hassan stressed that their main objective in the struggle is to liberate society mentally, spiritually and politically without being subjected to any threat or occupation that disturbs stability, which provides a suitable ground for organizing society. He added: ” We are still at the stage of the revolution, and our revolution is exposed to serious threats to the gains achieved during it, and therefore, based on knowledge of the seriousness of these threats, we seek to organize our society to preserve our gains and address the threats to our democratic experience and our people with all its components.

Shahuoz Hassan concluded by referring to the most prominent strategies in their eighth conference, saying: “solving the outstanding issues in Syria to build a democratic Syria, and the struggle to achieve Kurdish national unity, not to mention that the people have reached a degree where they need to raise awareness in terms of mental and spiritual, and raise the level of struggle, and make more efforts to make the communes and local councils a suitable ground for the people’s democracy in order to protect their revolution and get rid of the remnants of the Ba’athist mentality in the minds of some members of the society, as well as the liberation and restoration of Afrin, we take all these things on our shoulders. The struggle must be escalated politically, diplomatically and in terms of the protection and the economy.


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