Grave violations continue in Afrin

Local sources in Afrin region continue to report on the grave violations by Turkish occupation forces and its affiliated jihadist groups against the civilian population of the region. The sources confirmed that the occupation forces have settled hundreds of Turkmen families in Bilbilê area in the homes of indigenous people; likewise, families from Ghouta, Homs and Hama have been settled in Maabatli.

In Şiyê area, a terrorist group named Suleiman Shah Faction, led by a known criminal called Abu Amsha, has imposed a ransom of $2000 to $3000 on each family living in the villages, in the name of “protection tax”.

On the other hand, a terrorist group called Eastern Shield Army has seized the house and belongings of the citizen Adnan Fayyo under the pretext of lack of ownership documents; where the occupation forces and affiliated jihadist groups don’t recognize the documents issued earlier by the Autonomous Administration, considering them null and void.

The persistence of the occupation army in trying to change the demography of Afrin by following the policy of forced displacement, breaches United Nations resolutions and blatantly runs counter to the commitments and undertakings Turkey took upon itself in international conventions.


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