Displaced residents of Afrin are demanding that the terrorists leave to return to their province safely

Days ago, it was the second anniversary of the Turkish state and terrorist groups occupying the Afrin district in north western Syria.

Large numbers of people gathered in the Babinis village of Shehba displaying photos of the martyrs who fell in the Resistance of the Age in Afrin and those who were killed in Turkey’s genocidal attacks, and flags of the YPG/YPJ (People’s/Women’s Defense Units.

The protest march to the Fafin district centre was also joined by members of several institutions including Kongreya Star, TEV-DEM (Movement for Democratic Society), Democratic Autonomous Administration and Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement.

Speaking at the rally in Fafin, Afrin Canton Council Co-president Mihemed Neso commened the resistance of Afrin people and said the following:

“Safety and stability had prevailed in the Afrin region until the Turkish state attacked and invaded the city which has been a scene of conflict, theft, looting and massacres since. The mindset of the states does not want peoples to lead a free life and have a will. The people of Afrin mounted a sacred resistance to protect their honor and dignity against this conspiracy and plans, and have thus proved themselves.”

Afrin Region Executive Council Co-president Şîraz Hemo pointed out that the occuption forces target all constituents of Syria and continued: “Women, children and elderly resisted the enemy in Afrin. Karker, Avêsta, Barîn Kobane and all the martyrs of the Resistance of the Age wrote an epic of bravery for 58 days. The attacks of the Turkish state target the entire northern Syrian region. They are against not only the Democratic Nation project but all peoples in Syria.”

Kongreya Star Afrin Canton executive Wehîde Xelîl stressed that the occupation forces have targeted women in Afrin in an attempt to break their will. She said: “The Turkish state continues to commit crimes in Afrin amid an international silence. Afrin will be liberated with the sacrifices made by those giving a relentless fight to liberate the city.”


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