British Visiting Delegation Made Statement

The 13-member visiting delegation included Labor MP Lloyd Russell Moell, Conservative MP Adam Holaway, Labor Party representatives Lord Maurice Glasman, Simon Dobbins, Ben Norman, Claire Baker, Ryan Falger and Aaron. Mert, Dan Spage, Bambus Karlamps, Crispin Planet, and Ramadan Tong, ANHA reported.

At the end of its visit to the Executive Council, the British delegation made a statement to the media:

Today, a delegation from the ruling party, the opposition party and academics from the UK met with the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria and held fruitful talks.

We talked at length about the role of the region in fighting and defeating ISIS. We are grateful, and we recognize that the British and Europeans should recognize the sacrifices made here.

We spoke in depth about the need to continue the fight against extremism, rebuild schools and hospitals, and rebuild democracy in civil society. The important thing we support is that the re-emergence of ISIS and other extremist organizations must be prevented from trying again to destroy peace, democracy and justice.

We talked at length about justice and reforms, and in Britain we are committed to continuing to support our friends and allies.

I hope this visit will be the beginning of continuous relations.”


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