Bali: “Joint Patrol will Refute Turkish Allegations, Create Stability in Region”

The Official of the SDF’ Media Office, Mustafa Bali has said to North Press Agency that they have been previously informed about the joint US-Turkish ground patrol, which was conducted today in areas within the security mechanism in northern Syria.

Mustafa Bali added that the coordination with the SDF comes within the framework of the agreement with the US-led Global Coalition forces and upon the reached understandings to conduct these patrols in a specific time and place, pointing out that under those understandings the Turkish forces will enter into the agreed areas in northern Syria, and will patrol jointly with the Coalition forces, then return to their former positions inside Turkish territories.

Bali pointed out that the security mechanism will refute the Turkish allegations, and will contribute to end the crisis and create a kind of stability in the region, as he said: “We as the Syrian Democratic Forces advocate stability, peace and political solution”.

He described the joint patrol as a positive step, noting that they would be a contributing party to its success.


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